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Go big with Amplifi-hair Shampoo & Conditioner that adds weightless, natural volume. 

Amplifi-hair™ Micellar Shampoo (8.5 fl oz): Removes dirt, excess oil and build-up that can weigh hair down with non-stripping, gentle micellar technology. Adds weightless natural volume, smoothes cuticle for enhanced shine and controls frizz.

Amplifi-hair™ Volumizing Conditioner (8 fl oz): A weightless vegan conditioner that detangles and strengthens while adding volume to fine hair. Gives instant shine and helps control frizz in curly hair.


In This Bundle

Amplifi-hair™ Micellar Shampoo$38.00

Removes dirt, excess oil and build-up while enhancing weightless natural volume with non-stripping, gentle micellar technology. 

Amplifi-hair™ Volumizing Conditioner$39.00

A weightless vegan conditioner that detangles and strengthens while adding shine and volume to fine hair. 

Intelli-Sea™ Science.

Nourish your hair with Sea Beet Root – packed with vitamins E, A, D, and K to soothe the scalp, fortify hair from root to tip, and shield against oxidative stress. This magic ingredient smooths cuticle scales, delivering instant shine, volume, and brilliance.

Turn Up the Volume with Plant Power

Experience the sensation of weightless volume, achieve instant shine, and effortlessly manage frizz.

Micellar Technology

Micro micelles ultra-gentle cleansing blend acts like a magnet and rinses away dirt, excess oil and product build-up without stripping the hair.

Turn Heads with Amplifi-hair

Bigger, bouncier hair, packed with plant-powered goodness for the ultimate lift.

Say Hello to Big, Sexy Hair with Amplifi-hair

Providing volume, resilience and shine for hair that is divine.

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