We’re devoted to making a difference. We design for the earth first. We believe hair and skincare products can and should be truly high-performance and “green,” “clean,” natural, sustainable for you and the environment. We’ll never settle for less.

Sustainability is beautiful


We believe that superior results can (and should) be achieved responsibly. That’s why we always think about the entire life cycle of our products. Recycling is a pervasive issue in the cosmetics industry that isn’t well regulated—even if a brand says its product is recyclable, subtle differences in the packaging (i.e. metallic caps) could mean those bottles and boxes you put in your recycling bin ultimately end up in a landfill. At IN, we make conscious decisions in every aspect of our packaging to make sure every IN product you love can be recycled and is made from post-consumer recycled materials.

We choose glass containers for our skincare products, which is infinitely recyclable. When it comes to designing packaging that does justice to the luxurious and potent product within, we solve problems to get every detail right without creating unnecessary pollution and leaving as tiny a footprint as possible. Seemingly small details make a world difference: we never use foil inks or cross-contaminating metalized plastics.


Made of 65% sugar cane bio resin reduces CO2 emissions and dependence on petroleum.


Our plastic bottles are made form 90%-100% PCR (post consumer recycled) PET recycled from your green bin. All of our cartons and shippers are made form 100% PCR. We list the PCR content on our package.


We avoid metalized plastics that contaminate the recycling stream. We choose soy or bio-based inks, never sparkly yet wasteful foil ink.

Plastic Bead Free. No plastic microbes here to poison our waters. WE use plant jojoba beads that are biodegradable, biocompatible, good to skin and sea life. Micro jojoba beads also don't create the micro tears in skin that harsh or artificial plastic bead exfoliants can cause.

A renewable resource for packaging

A big part of the reuse, reduce, recycle mantra these days is the reduce component. At Intelligent Nutrients, we're proud to say we are always looking for ways to cut down on our "environmental footprint."

We've replaced a component of our packaging that used to be made from petrochemical plastic with renewable sugarcane plant bio plastic, reducing CO2 emissions and our reliance on petrochemicals even further.

Our Hero


The Process

Step 1

CO2 causes pollution

When humans use energy in their day to day activities CO2 is released into the air (i.e. driving a car).
Step 2

Sugarcane reduces CO2

Sugarcane planted for this bio-based resin absorbs carbon gas from the air as it grows.
Step 3

Plant-based resin reduces dependence on petroleum

Sugarcane is used by mills as raw material to make bio-based plastic.
Step 4

35% recycled bio-resin and 100% recyclable tubes

Consumers can recycle in their green or blue bin.
Taking responsibility for our industry. We support Green Circle Salons to help reduce the impact of our love for beauty in our salons; reducing waste and ensuring proper handling of salon waste including chemicals, foils and many others.

Taking responsibility for our choices

Every material choice matters. 

Our packaging tool developed by leading environmental organization, BWE, measures packaging material impact on human health, resources and ecosystems.

This tool compares different materials helping us make the best choice based upon statistical and measurable data.