Liquid Green Collection

Moisturizing, plumping and the ultimate antioxidant powerhouse.

These fan favorites are an instant obsession for a head to toe glow.

Eye am obsessed!

Liquid Green® Revival Eye Whip

Get ready to become obsessed. This fluffy, whipped oil melts into the eye area plumping it with intense moisture and reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Your delicate eye area will feel revived with naturally skin-loving benefits from our certified organic, proprietary Intelli-Seed® Antioxidant oil complex, poppy seed, marine lavender and buckwheat wax.
"A new favorite product! The Revival Eye Whip is A-MAZING! It will exceed your wildest imagination in terms of it's magic. What a great addition to the Liquid Green (Gold) Lineup!"

- Verified Buyer

Green gold. Feeds the skin. Instant obsession.

Liquid Green™ Face Oil

Apply the Liquid Green Face Oil after a hot bath to enhance absorption. The steam opens up the pores, allowing the nourishing ingredients to deeply penetrate the skin for a revitalized and hydrated complexion.

Re-lights skin's natural brightness

Deep Hydration Like Never Before

Liquid Green Body Oil

Experience the rejuvenation and deep hydration like never before, as this luxurious body serum revives and renews your skin, leaving you with a luminous, healthy glow.

Add a 5-10 drops to your warm bath to create a moisture barrier and for aromatic and skin-loving relaxation.
"This stuff is fantastic! Leaves skin so silky, but absorbs easily. I'm sensitive to artificial scents and so glad IN didn't go overboard so I can use this. It's nice to have an oil that feels luxurious, but doesn't leave you oily."

- Verified Buyer

Key Ingredients

Seeds of genius.

Seeds are the source of life; they contain the most concentrated part of any plant. We’ve harnessed the unbound potential of organic seeds to feed your inner and outer beauty. Nourishing, antioxidant-rich, cold-pressed oils from certified-organic black cumin, red grape, red raspberry, pumpkin and cranberry seeds provide you with the same free-radical-fighting potency of eating 10lbs of berries.

It starts with thousands of certified-organic fruit and vegetable seeds (often byproducts of the wine industry). We cold-press these incredibly antioxidant-dense seeds for absolute potency. 

Our patented black cumin seed synergy boosts the benefits of the other oils in the blend exponentially. The result is loaded with sterols, lipids (macronutrients), carotenoids, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals, all of which support the skin’s natural barrier function.