A family legacy of
super-natural beauty.

Field of plants with trees and skin in background

Motivated by a mission.

I-N has been leading the beauty industry into a cleaner, safer, earth-conscious future since its beginning with Horst Rechelbacher, "the father of safe cosmetics." Today, co-owners Kiran Stordalen and Nicole Rechelbacher lead I-N while maintaining the same rigorous standards for wildly effective, super-natural hair, skin, and body care. Our meticulous selection of plant-derived, clinically proven, active ingredients are always cruelty-free and responsibly produced to minimize impact on the environment. We strive to exceed the standards of our certifiers, and aspire to make every component of our packaging recyclable. We're devoted to doing the best we can—until we can do better.

Co-owners Kiran Stordalen and Nicole Rechelbacher sitting next to one another

Driven by passion and years of expertise.

Kiran Stordalen and Nicole Rechelbacher co-created I-N’s plant science-based beauty products to achieve the best performance and clinically proven results. I-N is rooted in our love for plants and for the planet. We believe the only right and sensible solution to so many global problems is to embrace earth conscious, sustainable alternatives and plant-based over petroleum (and other synthetic or pseudo-natural) ingredients. That’s why we call our approach Intelligent beauty over “clean” or “green” beauty: there’s so much scientific innovation and clinical research that goes into our products, it goes beyond simply committing to supporting organic agriculture and limiting our impact on the planet.

Kiran Stordalen

Kiran Stordalen

“Beauty companies owe it to consumers to tell the truth about what’s in their products.”

Nicole Rechelbacher

Nicole Rechelbacher

“You don’t have to sacrifice results and luxury.”


Taking organic and natural into the next century.

Our story began with Horst Rechelbacher, influenced by his mother’s herbalist traditions. Horst began his career as a hairstylist at the age of 14. In his 20’s he continued to pursue his passion for wellness, traveling to India where he studied Ayurveda and its holistic healing methods. In 1978, Rechelbacher founded Aveda, one of the world’s first natural cosmetics companies. From then on, he was known as the “father of safe cosmetics.”

Horst shared his passion for the healing power of plants with his daughter Nicole Rechelbacher and longtime partner Kiran Stordalen as they worked together building Aveda. After Aveda’s sale to Estée Lauder, Nicole and Kiran knew they wanted to continue their family’s tradition of creating luxurious, effective and environmentally responsible beauty products. In 2008, they launched the world's first USDA-certified organic hair care line, thus beginning I-N.

Founder Horst Rechelbacher in 1960's cutting women's hair short

Changing the world of beauty.

In an industry that's largely self-regulated, we choose to have our products certified and regulated by third-party organizations with the strictest standards (and we tend to go above and beyond their standards). Transparency is in our DNA, as are our sustainability efforts and our eternal sense of responsibility to the planet. 

"What's good for the earth is good for us. With advances in plant chemistry, there's simply no reason to make products any other way." 

—Horst Rechelbacher
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