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The Foundation of a Good Hair Day.

Good Hair Guardian™ Thermal Primer protects hair from heat styling up to 400 degrees, while our scientifically proven scalp and strand serums promote moisture, manageability, volume, density and shine with instant results.

Experience the I-N Difference.

Our haircare and stylers target your most urgent needs from scalp to strand, while delicious-smelling active aromas made of certified organic essential oils immerse your senses in a transcendental, luxurious experience every day.

Green Luxury Redefined

Pamper yourself with a botanical self-care routine to conquer dry skin.

Liquid Green Face Oil

Plump, Revive, Glow. Get ready to become obsessed.

Shine Bright Kit

Featuring our limited edition certified organic aroma rollerball.

The Scalp Whisperer

Soothe, refresh, restore dry scalp and more.

Earth-conscious beauty with life - changing results.

Intelligent Nutrients is about harnessing the natural powers of plants without harming the environment. We’re a women-owned company devoted to organic, earth-conscious, cruelty-free, non-toxic beauty products that are proven to work. Our hair and skin care products are supremely effective with plant-based active ingredients that fuse nature and science—and they smell delicious, naturally.

Super-natural science makes our products truly Intelligent.

Organic and natural plant-powered science is the basis of every Intelligent Nutrients product. We select ingredients that are proven to be biologically compatible with our skin, hair, and bodies, harnessing the power of nature to enhance your natural beauty.