I-N Reimagined

Out with the old
I-N with the new
Plant-based natural I-N Shampoo, Pure Plenty Shampoo, Pure Plenty Serum, Hydra Lotion, Super Power C Serum, AHA Resurfacing Gel

I-N reimagined delivers an evolved look, new brand name and logo, super-sustainable packaging, enhanced formulas and the same certified organic aromas you love. All designed to communicate our commitment to choosing plants and cutting edge science for you and the planet.

Cosmos Organic Certified Re:generative Super Power C Serum


We’ve harnessed the natural beautifying power of plants to create supremely effective skincare with clinically proven results.

We go above and beyond to sustainably source the organic and natural ingredients in each I-N product, using advanced plant science to maximize the potential of each ingredient. Our superstar Sciences deliver super-naturally effective results for every skin care need, from anti-aging to soothing sensitive skin (and beyond).

Natural plant-based InspiraMint Shampoo & Conditioner


The evolution of haircare and styling is here.

Our hair systems target your most urgent needs from scalp to strand, with delicious-smelling active aromas made of certified organic essential oils and flavors to immerse your senses in a transcendental, luxurious experience every day. Intelligent™ haircare and styling products deliver superior, luxurious results with sustainability, transparency, and safety. We’re as obsessed with performance as we are with protecting the planet. Our proven plant science elevates good choices into great hair.

Plant-based, natural and cosmos certified skincare including face lotion, face creme, face oil, vitamin c, retinol and AHA gel bottles and boxes

Luxurious and environmentally responsible choices

1. Harnessing the power of plants.

2. Sourcing only the purest, highest-performing ingredients from all corners of the world using only advanced, highly sustainable and ethical methods.

3. Minimal, environmentally conscious packaging made of recyclable or post-consumer recycled materials.

4. Creating every one of our high-performing, luxurious products without doing undue harm to the environment.

Black women with glowing skin and short hair style

I-N continues to exist to change the world of beauty for the better.

We live and create by a zero-compromise approach: everything I-N makes must be clinically proven to work, safe for the planet, cruelty-free, and truly effective.

We’re committed to continuously working to perfect our products and methods every step of the way.

We’ve harnessed the natural beautifying power of plants to create supremely effective skincare and haircare with clinically proven results. We go above and beyond to sustainably source the organic and natural ingredients in each I-N product, using advanced plant science to maximize the potential of each ingredient.

Intelli-Cell™ Science

This revolutionary science extracts stem cells from one plant versus harvesting thousands—allowing access to benefits from rare and protected plant species. Revolutionary bio-tech extraction process provides up to 1000x the antioxidant potency compared to conventional actives.

Lab versus land cultivation saves tons of water, and reduces our carbon footprint. Pesticide free, non-GMO, our plant stem cells are clinically proven to restore elasticity, plump, refine lines, control oil, fuel a healthy hair cycle and more.

Plant-based, natural Pure Plenty Shampoo, Conditioner & Treatment Serum

Nature made. Plant Perfected. Fantastically Futuristic.

Our Pure Plenty® regimen is powered by plants to boost hair’s density and health from roots to ends. Plant stem cells like pea sprouts fuel hair density and nourish for scalp health. 

Intelli-Seed™ Science

Seeds are the source of life. The most nutrient dense, our patented black cumin seed synergy science fuels antiox- idant potency in our proprietary cold-pressed blend of organic red grape, red raspberry, pumpkin and cranberry. Rich with vitamins, tocopherols and omega fatty acids, these seed oils and so many more helps repair, nourish and protect hair and skin.

USDA certified organic Liquid Green Face Oil with carton tipping onto bottle

Seeds of Genius. Seeds Synergized. Antioxidants Amplified.

Intelli-Seed™ science repairs and revitalizes the skin from the inside-out with a profound infusion of antioxidants and essential fatty acids.

Babassu fruit split open

Intelli-Plant™ &
Intelli-Fruit™ Science

Plant technology is the backbone of Intelligent™ beauty. We replace common synthetic and unsustainable ingredients with plant-based alternatives that work as well, if not better—because it’s better for your body and for the planet.

Extracting the potent active compounds from fruits yields countless benefits for our skin, hair, and body. Our fruit glycols and enzymes deliver the same skin-rejuvenating benefits as alpha hydroxy acids without the irritating side effects, while our coconut-based surfactants replace the harsh, oil-stripping detergents found in other cosmetics.

Fortify-hair shampoo, Conditioner and Leave In Treatment

Plant Powered. Clinically Proven.

Plant and friuit science targets your most urgent needs to rebuild, repair and protect from future damage.

blue sea kale

Intelli-Sea™ Science

From the deep sea to the coasts, we sustainably harvest marine ingredients with powerful active properties that provide deep results for your skin. Intelli-SeaTM improves elasticity and firmness, fades hyperpigmentation, brightens the complexion, and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Cosmos Certified plant-based Time Traveler Serum

Deep Benefits. Real Restuls.

Revolutionary organic Sea Bioactives kickstart aging skin cells and give our Time Traveler™ Serum the power to outperform synthetic retinols without the toxicity or common irritation and other side effects.

orange rose with dew drops on the petals

Intelli-Sense™ Science

The essential-oil blends at the heart of every product to give each I-N formula its intoxicating aroma contain multitudes of benefits for body, mind, and spirit. Each inimitable blend of pure, potent, unadulterated and certified organic essential oils is masterfully crafted to provide active benefits as well as a sensory experience.

Plant-based natural curl cream and curl reviving spray

Active. Unforgettable.

Balancing geranium, jasmine and citrus blend helps the scalp stay balanced, hydrated and supple; while providing calming, uplifting and grounding benefits for the senses.


I-N is not just about looking good today.

It’s about having a brighter, more beautiful tomorrow. Thank you for joining I-N on this journey to make beauty better for all.