I-N Truth: Ingredients


I-N Truth: Ingredients

We value transparency. You will find every ingredient we use clearly listed on our packaging. If you don’t know a particular ingredient used in our products, it’s probably listed in our glossary.

FRAGRANCE/PERFUME: We use only active aroma/essential oils – each only contributes to the health & beauty of skin and a positive impact on the pysche – no fluff, no filter.

*There is no requirement to disclose the components of a product’s “perfume” or “fragrance” (even though some include more than 200 ingredients alone) so you will commonly find it listed as such on food and cosmetic labels.

ALLERGENS: Allergens found in IN products are all naturally occurring in essential oils or other plant-based ingredients.

Where many commercial beauty products (soaps, antiperspirants, eye makeup, shampoo, moisturizer, lip stains and nail polish) cause skin reactions from a list of preservatives and parabens we can’t pronounce. If an ingredient is a common allergen (included on the list created by the EU of 26 known allergens) we will note it on our label.

We’re also Gluten-Free, Vegan* and safe for celiac disease.
*Most of our products are 100% vegan, some contain beeswax

COLORANTS: Highest regulated ingredient in cosmetics, since it is also the most dangerous. Synethic and coal tar derived colorants have been linked to causing cancer. You can identify these listed on the label by: FD&C or D&C, or the color name followed by a number. For example: D&C Red 21 or just Red 21.

Beyond the health risks they pose – these colorants are often derived via toxic mining processes that are harmful to workers and the environment. Look for natural colorants: carrot oil, beet extract, henna, fruit and vegetable juices instead.


We have created our own black list of ingredients that we do not allow in any of our products:

- Skin Deep rating of 3 or less – proving it is healthy to us
- Endangered Species check (via www.cites.org and www.iucn.org) – proving it is safe for every creature on our planet

Anything that doesn’t pass these standards doesn’t meet our principles and will never be found in our products.

For more information on our standards and philosophy, click here.