I-NNOVATOR Spotlight | Lindsey Larson

Meet Lindsey Larson our Global I-NNOVATOR, and stylist. Learn about her favorite I-N products to work with and why she chooses to work with I-N.
I-NNOVATOR Spotlight | Lindsey Larson

I-NNOVATOR Spotlight | Lindsey Larson

Global I-NNOVATOR & Stylist | Lindsey Larson 

Lindsey Larson began her career in 1997 after graduating with honors from the Aveda Institute. She went on to hone her skills at the Juut Salon Spa Training Academy, where she began her career to become a master hairdresser. 

While working at a salon that featured the Intelligent Nutrients product line, she was able follow her passion of working with clean hair and skin care. Lindsey currently is working independently at the charming Urban Village Salon Spa located in Cathedral Hill neighborhood of St. Paul, she feels extremely blessed and fortunate to grow and evolve with Intelligent as a global educator.

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I-N x Lindsey Larson

Lindsey loves being a hairdresser and being able to incorporate her love of clean beauty into her daily life. She is honored to be able to represent a women-owned company that she deeply believes in. 

"Ever since the start of my career, I have followed Horst and the clean beauty movement. It has shaped my career choices and truly my life." - Lindsey Larson



 "My favorite hair products hmmm can I say all of them?! If I had to choose I’d say the Flex-Form Hairspray. I love upstyling and working with this hairspray is a dream. It’s so buildable and brushable. It is also so refreshing to fill up my working space with such a healthy and beautiful aroma." - Lindsey Larson 

Amplifi-hair products

"I also cannot live without the Amplifi-Hair Blowout Cream. Its uniqueness makes it completely different than any blowout cream on the market. I love to use it because it gives hair body and volume while still smoothing and leaving a subtle shine."

Liquid Green

 "Intelligent’s skincare is also next level amazing! I love the liquid green because of the instant hydration and the glow it gives."

Time Traveler Serum

"The time traveler serum is another one of my favorites. Its aroma is gorgeous and it leaves your skin smooth and fresh looking without dryness."

Lindsey is one of the most positive, motivated and ambitious people we have ever met! 

"I try to live my life true to what I believe in because I feel that life is too short to waste any time doing things that aren’t meaningful. I find motivation within many aspects of my life including my love for cooking, gardening, sewing and spending time with my girls." - Lindsey Larson

Lindsey and daughter

Lindsey's biggest accomplishment is being a wonderful mom to her two beautiful daughters. 

"Motherhood, to me, has been the most wonderful and rewarding part of my life. Raising a special needs daughter has brought so much joy and strength into my life. I feel so thankful and accomplished to have a successful and meaningful career while also being a devoted and dedicated mother." - Lindsey Larson