I-NNOVATOR Spotlight | Fatima Olive

Meet Fatima Olive our Global I-NNOVATOR, and editorial artist. Learn about her favorite I-N products to work with and why she chooses to work with I-N.
I-NNOVATOR Spotlight | Fatima Olive

I-NNOVATOR Spotlight | Fatima Olive

Global I-NNOVATOR and Editorial Artist | Fatima Olive 

Global beauty expert Fatima Olive is a hair and makeup artist who works with major brands, retailers, and publications. Her artistry has graced the faces of celebrities, athletes, and models and has appeared on runways and in magazines around the world.  

I-N x Fatima Olive 

Fatima Olive

Fatima has had a long relationship with I-N from its beginning.

"I-N is a company whose mission I believe in and want to support. The best part about working as an I-NNOVATOR is the collaborative nature of the company. I love working as a team and having everyone’s ideas be valued." - Fatima Olive

Fatima finds her motivation by working with other passionate creative people that enjoy collaboration. She believes when everyone puts their heads together and work together the best ideas are created! 

Her proudest accomplishment has been raising her daughter and seeing her become an intelligent strong responsible human being.



"My favorite products definitely are the styling products. I love Amplifi-Hair Style & Restyler. This product is so versatile I use it when I need to re-style someone’s hair it also works well to give me a little bit more texture and volume if I am working on someone whose hair is a little bit on the fine side. I also use it for men to give me a little bit more volume." - Fatima Olive 

Amplifi-hair products  

"My other favorite product is good hair Good Hair Guardian Thermal Primer. This is a great protectant for when I’m using heat on the hair. And it also gives the hair an incredible amount of shine. And above all else I love the way that it smells and so does everyone I use it on." - Fatima Olive 

Good Hair Guardian Thermal Primer 

"My favorite skin care products are Liquid Green Oil and Liquid Green Body Oil. The Liquid Green Oil is truly a powerhouse product. It reduces redness increases moisturization and serves as a perfect skin primer alone or under make up. The Liquid Green Body Oil gives the skin an amazing silk like glow it feels wonderfully moisturizing and yet is light enough that you can get dressed right after you apply" - Fatima Olive 

 Liquid Green