Lesa Ystad

Lesa Ystad
Beauty Craft, Regional I-NNOVATOR

Lesa Ystad

Lesa Ystad is the Master Stylist and Educational Director of Salon Ystad, located in the Harbor District of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She began her career at the age of three when she performed her first bang trim on her cooperative sister for family photos. Flash forward to adulthood where Ystad became the Educational Trainer for Ultra Violette and influenced some of the best stylists in the city. Voted one of the top hair stylists’ in Milwaukee, Ystad was a featured stylist in “Modern Salon” magazine (1994) and had the privilege of being the premier stylist for the Wedding Channel Couture Runway Show at the Waldorf Towers in Manhattan in 2003.

Searching for something completely out of the box, Lesa Ystad moved to Manhattan in 2000 to train under the direction of Eiji Yamani, an incredibly gifted and master stylist in dry haircutting. This experience accelerated her passion not only for hair styling and hairdressing but also for the incredibly professional atmosphere her mentor maintained. Upon returning to Milwaukee, Ystad developed her own training courses in Personal Development and Attitude and Client Retention to instruct stylists on how to be a truly professional and engaging hairdresser,  Ystad also teaches an old school, specific approach to haircutting and her own unique way of highlighting hair.

On the local and global front, Lesa has been into natural, organic, sustainable beauty products since her career first began at Ultra Violette. Being in the forefront with Aveda and the awareness of how our industry impacts the Earth and community, Ystad has done her best to offer clients exceptional products and mindful consumption with state-of-the-art products of self-care. She also believes in the importance of volunteering and giving back to the community. Ystad has been a children’s bereavement facilitator at Kyles’ Korner for over a decade and encourages people to find their own unique way to reach out and serve others as we all strive to better the world and our surroundings.

Lesa Ystad is delighted and honored to become a Regional I-NNOVATOR for the Intelligent I-N Product line and aligns with their message of mindfulness in the midst of beauty.

In other words, Ystad is ALL I-N.


Milwaukee, WI


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