Eye am obsessed!

Liquid Green® Revival Eye Whip

This fluffy, whipped oil melts into the eye area plumping it with intense moisture and reducing the appearance of wrinkles. 

Works beautifully for
Dry skin, puffy, dull lined eyes
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Works beautifully for

Key ingredients
Poppy Seed — Butterfly Lavender — Buckwheat Wax — Blue Tansy — Black Cumin Seed Oil
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Key ingredients

How to use
Apply on cleansed skin morning and evening gently patting around orbital bone.
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How to use

Apply in gentle patting motion around orbital bone. am/pm.


Dip pad of ring finger into jar picking up a small amount of the whipped oil.


Apply Liquid Green™ Revival Eye Whip using a gentle tapping motion using your ring finger as it has the lightest touch.

Follow up

Follow with the remaining I-N regimen products.


Dermatologist Tested, Clinically Tested, Kind to Skin

Discover Liquid Green® Revival Eye Whip


Fluffy. Fast-absorbing. Velvet Feel. Powered by Intelli-Seed™ science, our antioxidant powerhouse Liquid Green Revival Eye Whip protects as it intensely moisturizes with a lightweight, velvet, feel. Never greasy, its fast absorbing and leaves eye area smooth radiant and revived. 


Black cumin seed synergy technology boosts antioxidant benefits of all seed oils for exponential protection




Natural color from our essential oil blend, blue tansy and indigofera tinctoria

Just Right...

Absorption without the greasy residue


Mineral, petroleum based oils and synthetic colors


Reduction in the appearance of wrinkles in 24 hours

24 Hour**

Smoothing affect
*based upon scientific study
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Eye am Obsessed.

Your delicate eye area will feel revived with naturally skin-loving benefits from our certified organic, proprietary Intelli-Seed® Antioxidant oil complex, poppy seed, butterfly lavender and buckwheat wax. Testers share their favorite attributes. 

"Eye am obsessed with.....

  • the soft, fluffy, buttery feel"
  • how velvety the skin around my eyes feel"
  • the light whipped, moisturizing texture"
  • the aroma and feel"
  • the feel of it and the way it reduces fine lines"
  • how it makes the under eye puffiness, less puffy. Bags don’t seem as pronounced."
  • the texture and you only need a tiny bit. I’m a huge fan and think this is exactly what I need."
  • this miracle eye whip"
Did you know?
No Faux Colors: Yellow + Blue = Green. The supernatural blue tansy and indigofera tinctoria blends with the yellow the super emollients creating the soft green hue.


Butterfly Lavender* from the Mediterranean provides a botox-like affect molecule which inhibits muscle fibers from contracting. The action decreases roughness and produces an immediate smoothing effect from 24 hours. Results show decreased crow’s feet after 24 hours, and the decrease was still visible 14 days after use. Improves barrier and the moisture content of the epidermis. Instant and long term effect visible 14 days after use is stopped. *Based on lab and clinical studies
Smoothes and satiates eye area without a heavy oily feel.
Butterfly lavender reinforces the skin barrier increasing water content. Relaxes the look of wrinkle depth and increases skin smoothness in 24 hours.
Palmitic Acid, Oleic and linoleic acids to reduces under-eye puffiness with increased skin hydration.
Liquid Green Oil’s indulgent and intoxicating skin-loving aroma emanates from the blend of blue tansy rose, neroli, cistus, everlasting, orange, geranium, ylang ylang and chamomile essential oils.
Airy, citrusy, green with whispers of honey and orange bubbling underneath; 1 ton of flowers is needed to make just 1 kilo of this precious skin loving oil.

Certifications and recycling

Packaged in a jar made of infinitely recyclable glass and a 100% PCR paper carton. Remove cap before recycling.

Liquid Green™ Revival Eye Whip is:

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Intelligent I-N proudly donates 1% of annual sales to non-profits verified through 1% for the Planet supporting environmental solutions through their work. We are a part of one global network tackling our planet’s most pressing environmental issues. By shopping with I-N, together we are committing to a more sustainable future for our planet and for future generations to thrive.

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Did You Know Image
Improves micro circulation minimizing the appearance of dark circles while improving luminosity and radiance

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