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Massage Tool
Massage Tool
Much of using the massage tool should be IN-tuitive; find the sides and edges that feel good for you on the face and body.

Massage Tool

• You want to avoid gliding directly over bone areas covered with little muscle mass like collarbone, shin, ankle.

• For ease and glide, always apply Liquid GreenTM Oil to face, neck and body before using tool.

• Using outward motions on the face and chest and downwards motions on neck and body help to promote lymphatic drainage.

• The tool can be used head to toe as massage tool, for acupressure to address focused concerns like stressed, tired and sore muscles on the body

• It can relax fine lines/wrinkles and reduce puffiness under the eyes.

Use long smooth strokes to provide relaxation to soothe and relieve an area

• Use quick, focused movements for stimulation and visible circulation. Either technique will produce a healthy flush of visible color on the skin.


Place either end of tool on undereye area to depuff and soothe. Place directly in cold/ice water or in refrigerator or freezer for 30 seconds for additional coolness.

Apply Intelli-Cell Re:generative Eye Gel and use tool to massage product into the skin, lifting at outer corner to smooth fine lines.

Give eyes some downtime from excessive screen use and intense focus by placing tool on eyelids, gently massage and apply firm pressure for 3-5 seconds.

Use with long upward movements to relax the tense and expressive forehead muscles.

Use quick focused back and forth motion to focus on furrows and wrinkles.

Place the tool along jawline allowing the upper edge to rest just below cheekbone and massage tension holding the jaw. This motion can be extended behind the ear and down the neck for additional relief.


To lift or relieve tension in the neck area. Use long upwards strokes to lift, always ending with downward strokes, perfect to detoxify.

Place behind the ear and use long gliding stroke down neck and along shoulder; tool should be turned so that the rounded edge runs along back of shoulder. We hold so much tension and stress here.


Use on the chest to stimulate lymphatic drainage. Start at center of chest below the collarbone and smoothly glide to shoulder. If desired, continue along shoulder and down arm. Believe it or not, this technique from below will even help depuff the eyes above because of the increase in circulation.

The “pointed” ends of the tool are ideal for acupressure massage. This technique is used to relieve pain or soothe a specific area. This is great for sinus relief and headaches.