Style with substance. Super-natural shape and hold.

Tousled Texture Matte Paste

This truly matte styling paste provides medium, pliable hold to give you the perfect balance of texture, control and shape for a matte finish. Beyond making your hair look effortlessly cool, it’s loaded with beneficial plant-based ingredients, leaves your hair hydrated and protected, too. Highly concentrated—a little goes a long way for simple, quick styling.

Works beautifully for
Grit and glamour.
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Works beautifully for

Key ingredients
Organic (Safflower Seed Oil — Larch Tree Resin— Pollulan)
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Key ingredients

How to use
Apply to damp or dry hair. Warm paste in palms/fingers and run through hair.
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How to use


Emulsify a small dab in your hand


Apply it to sections of damp or dry hair with your fingers, then tousle and shake, shape hair with fingertips


Spritz with Flex-form for extra hold


To create a piecy look in short dry hair, warm balm in fingers and apply to tips.  

For longer hair run fingers through mid -shaft to ends. 

Apply to dry hair for artfully disheveled styles, similar to waxes and clays.

Apply o wet hair for slightly higher hold.

See Tousled Texture Matte Paste in Action

Super-natural Results & Performance Synthetics Merge

Pompadour in the morning, defined and separated after work, sleek by night—our modern styler lets you rework your style on a whim. Made with 95% natural ingredients at maximum concentration. A little goes a long way for effortless styling – quick or creative. Ideal for short and mid-length hair.

To achieve superior performance, we combined nature’s powerhouse oils and holding agents to achieve a 95% natural formula with necessary performance-based synthetics used at less than 5% 






a kilo for pure and potent jasmine featured in our intoxicating aroma blend.
Col 2 Hero

Powered by plants.

We source 225+ clinically-proven plant-based active ingredients from around the world and we take great care in how we process them not reduce their natural potency. 

Necessary Synthetics.
When using synthetic ingredients is required, we use the smallest amount possible and use the cleanest, most natural form possible. For example, we use food-based preservatives instead of ingredients derived from petroleum. And, of course, our scientists are working every day on new ways to eliminate non-natural ingredients.

How it works

Larch tree resin provides natural holding power that is flexible. Castor and safflower oils provide slip, shine and conditioning. Pollulan helps control static and provides oxygen barrier properties to help protect hair from environmental pollutants
Style with substance
Made with nutritious ingredients to deliver superior performance.
Touchable hold
Provides a natural-looking flexible hold and control
Enjoy calming, uplifting, and grounding benefits for the senses with certified organic essential oils/flavors, including geranium, jasmine, mandarin peel, bergamot, vetiver root, and may chang fruit.
Natural Nourishment & Performance Synthetics
To achieve superior performance, we combined nature’s powerhouse emollients to achieve a 96% natural formula with necessary performance-based synthetics at >5%. for ultimate styling results.

Certifications and Recycling

Packaging for the planet. Tousled Texture Matte Paste is packaged in a 100% PCR HDPE jar and lid. Please keep the lid on to recycle.

Matte Paste is:

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Natural Balance.
Every product contains a minimum of 85% natural content. Never just a drop like many other brands. We list the amount of natural and organic ingredients in every product. No greenwashing here.

Pairs well with

Flex-form™ Hair Spray

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