I-NNOVATOR Spotlight | Hilary Bilstad-Nelson

Meet Hilary Bilstad-Nelson our Global I-NNOVATOR. Learn about her favorite I-N products to work with, and what motivates her as an I-NNOVATOR to share her knowledge.
Hilary Nelson, Global I-NNOVATOR

I-NNOVATOR Spotlight | Hilary Bilstad-Nelson

Global I-NNOVATOR, Stylist | Hilary Bilstad-Nelson

At 17 years of age, Hilary made the move from Cheyenne, Wyoming to New York City studying and receiving her early education in cosmetology from the Aveda Institute (2003). 

Praised in Timeout New York for “Best Men’s Haircuts”, Hilary is a world-class precision based scissor and razor cutter. Hilary has graced countless sets, photoshoots and stages.

After 18 years in New York City and building her own brand and business as an independent stylist for the last five years, Hilary recently relocated to the Twin Cities.

Hilary Nelson, Global I-NNOVATOR

I-N x Hilary Bilstad-Nelson

Hilary has numerous industry and professional affiliations and is a Global I-NNOVATOR for I-N, supporting our network of salons, retailers and global distributors. 

"My favorite I-N hair products are the Bell-curve Curl Cream and the Bell-curve Curl Reviving Spray. I love these two products because they are the perfect curl combination. The curl cream creates hold, shine and definition all in one product. It’s perfect for any curls. The curl reviving spray helps to reactivate those curls so you don’t have to wet your hair down everyday. The two pair perfectly together." - Hilary Bilstad-Nelson

Hilary's motivation as an Innovator is sharing her knowledge with people that have the same motivation as her. She truly believe in putting ego aside as an educator and putting the focus on bettering each other and the industry as a collective.  

"I chose to work for I-N because I really believe in the work they have put in to creating truly clean and truly efficacious products. I have worked with numerous product lines, and I have never felt more confident, in both how these products perform and in sharing the brands message to clients and fellow professionals." - Hilary Bilstad-Nelson

Outside of work, Hilary is a wife and mother. We are so honored to have Hilary on our team I-NNOVATING our brand. 

"My proudest moment personally is being a mom.  As far as professionally, I have accomplished a lot.  But I feel like if I was asked this question with two years experience in this industry, it would be the same as now with almost 20 years experience.  As a hairstylist, it is such a privilege and honor to make a person feel beautiful and more confident about themselves.  And if a fellow hairstylist leaves my class with just one takeaway, that gives me pride and is truly an accomplishment." - Hilary Bilstad-Nelson


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