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Salon of the Month

We’re committed to our network, and thank those who have been a part of the Intelligent Nutrients story. These are the establishments that are changing the world, offering the latest in sustainable products and practices to achieve a greater good.

Twig Hair Lounge

2653 Gateway Rd. Suite #104 Carlsbad, CA 92009
760.431.8989 •

twig hair lounge

Tell us about your salon?

"As a team we believe in sustainable beauty and using clean and healthy products from companies with integrity.”

What inspired you to work in this business?

“We want to make people happy! We want all of our guests to leave loving how they look and feel.”

Why did you choose IN?

“At Twig, we only partner with companies who leave out the "ugly" ingredients and who make an effort to give back to the Earth."

Highlights From The Team

twig hair lounge

What is your favorite memory of working in a salon?

“My favorite memory was when I had a guest come in whose hair was growing out after going through chemotherapy. It grew back completely different than before and she didn't feel like she looked like herself. When I turned her chair around after finishing the service, she started crying tears of joy. She said she finally felt pretty again, and felt like herself. It was the best!”
– Noel A.

What is your favorite hairstyle to create?

“My favorite look to create is a textured pixie cut. I would use the styling pomade for hold and the volume foam for lift and height.”
– Noel A.

What is your most hilarious/ embarrassing hair moment?

“When I was in 6th grade I attempted to give my best friend layers. I used kitchen scissors and cut sections of hair. When it was all done it was extremely choppy so I tried blending it with her razor she would use to shave her legs. The next day she went to a salon to have it fixed.”
– Erika S.

What is your favorite INTELLIGENT NUTRIENTS® product and why?

Intelligent Nutrients Skin Care

“I love the entire Skin Care line from IN. My skin feels so clean and it cleared up so quickly! When I use the products, I know that I'm treating my skin well with clean, quality products.”
– Kitty H.

Twig Hair Lounge

2653 Gateway Rd. Suite #104 Carlsbad, CA 92009
760.431.8989 •