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Salon of the Month

We’re committed to our network, and thank those who have been a part of the Intelligent Nutrients story. These are the establishments that are changing the world, offering the latest in sustainable products and practices to achieve a greater good.

Suzanne's Organics Salon

254 E Michigan Ave, Kalamazoo, MI 49007
269.779.5080 •

Suzanne's Organics Salon

Tell us about your salon?

“At Suzanne’s Organics we serve and support our community by providing an intimate experience that is nurturing, relaxing, and uplifting. Using only safe, organic, non-toxic hair care and hair color, we create personalized artistic designs with quality and intention. Bringing each guest a sense of renewal is our passion! What makes us special is our strong commitment to being on the for-front of our industry merging the artistic, creative world of beauty with an emphasis on health and wellness. We offer workshops for our guest on topics ranging from how to do a rocking blowout to toxic chemicals in our environment, how they affect us, and why it is important to detox.”

What inspired you to work in this business?

“What inspired me to work in this business was the opportunity to serve others, which I find fulfilling. It also allows creative expression & the opportunity to co-create each day both with clients and staff; I can’t imagine a better job.”

Why did you choose IN?

“I choose IN because I did an Eco-Entrepreneur workshop with Horst in the early part of 2000, he introduced us to the book, ‘’Not A Pretty Face: The Ugly Side of the Beauty Industry,” by Stacy Malkan. We learned how the chemicals we use each day on our clients and ourselves might be linked to many forms of cancer, including breast cancer. That same year my best friend was dying of cancer, my sister had just been diagnosed with breast cancer and three of my clients where diagnosed with breast cancer. All of these women were under the age of 40. I wanted to be a part of the solution not the problem! Intelligent Nutrients gives me the opportunity to create the salon environment I want for my staff, our guests, and myself. It does so using the safest as well as delightful, exquisite, luxurious products on the market.”
– Suzanne H.C.

Highlights From The Team

Highlights from the Team

What is your favorite memory of working in a salon?

“I had a new guest come into the salon very shaken up. She had not been in a salon for almost 20 years due to a service that left her paralyzed on half her body for a full year. It was a perm gone very wrong due to her high sensitivity levels associated with M.S. I proceeded to gently cut and eventually style her hair. She stood up with tears in her eyes, explaining it was the first time she had worn her hair down since that horrible experience 20 years ago. Easily made my year.”
– Jeremy C.

What is your favorite hairstyle to create?

“I like a beach-y, wavy look. I like to cocktail the curly hair serum with the pomade to create a defined, shiny curl, but without the crunch! A small amount of each goes a long way, add to damp hair and diffuse to desired style.”
– Jeremy C.

What is your most hilarious/ embarrassing hair moment?

“Getting sprayed in the face with water at the bowl and being so shocked I couldn’t turn it off. The other stylist has to come over and turn it off.”
– Amy O.

What is your favorite INTELLIGENT NUTRIENTS® product and why?

Curly Hair Serum

“My favorite IN product is the IN Curly Hair Serum. I love the soft hold with shine for tamed, dimensional curls!”
– Amy O.

Suzanne's Organics Salon

254 E Michigan Ave, Kalamazoo, MI 49007
269.779.5080 •