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Salon of the Month

leafgirl studio

1019 Mound Street, Suite 103, Davenport IA
309.764.5323 •

About the Salon

Tell us about your salon?

“At Leafgirl, we are dedicated to making positive and healthy lifestyle choices and use our studio as a platform to inspire our community. Though we work in a small space, we are still achieving great things and feel very fortunate to be a part of this movement in our industry."

What inspired you to work in this business?

“Being in the salon industry has always been enticing as improving someone's appearance seemed like a good way to make a difference in someone's life. We get to make one on one connections with clients and friends every day. It has been very rewarding and there is always something new to learn.”

Why did you choose IN?

“When choosing a product line, it had to be in line with our personal lifestyle standards, so we did a lot of research. One of our main priorities is that we share the same philosophy. We appreciate Intelligent Nutrients’ transparent labeling and their use of food grade, non toxic plant based ingredients, and NO synthetic aromas! IN has all of the qualities that we feel passionate about and continues to inspire us to evolve on our organic journey. We truly value our close partnership with IN.” 

Highlights From The Team

Highlights from the team

What is your favorite memory of working in a salon?

“The first time I learned about the benefits of incorporating Aromatherapy into the salon experience. The positive impact it has made on clients and myself has been life changing.”
– Alie W.

What is your favorite hairstyle to create?

“We love both smoothing and enhancing waves with Curly Hair Serum and Straight Hair Serum and finishing with Styling Pomade, and Perfect Hold Hair Spray is a total must!”
– Donna E.

What is your favorite INTELLIGENT NUTRIENTS® product and why?

leafgirl studio logo

“We can’t narrow our favorite IN product down to one, but the PurePlenty trio scores pretty high! We have returning customers that are getting lots of volume and a noticeable increase in hair growth. The Plant Stem Cell Science skin care products are amazing and Harmonic Body Wash is also a favorite. It’s the most invigorating and awakening way to start your day!”
– Donna E.

leafgirl studio

1019 Mound Street, Suite 103, Davenport IA
309.764.5323 •