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Salon of the Month

We’re committed to our network, and thank those who have been a part of the Intelligent Nutrients story. These are the establishments that are changing the world, offering the latest in sustainable products and practices to achieve a greater good.

K Salon

16823 E Sprague Ave. Spokane Valley, WA 99037
509.926.5392 •

K Salon

Tell us about your salon?

“We are the first and only truly health oriented salon in the Spokane and surrounding area. Our mission has been to elevate our profession to one that is healing and gives back to our clients, staff and community. We do this, in part, by partnering with local health practitioners, holding classes that support the mental, emotional and physical health and beauty of our clients. We have classes that range anywhere from ways to reduce stress, to how to detoxify through diet and lifestyle and how to make and incorporate fermented foods into your diet (one of our most popular classes!). We work with a variety of practitioners, including naturopaths, chiropractors, and a holistic clinical psychologist. In an effort to help our clients and staff on their journey to health and healing, we consistently refer them to these practitioners and have had great success! One of the most fulfilling things about what we do is seeing our clients achieve optimum health and energy.”
– Malina Y.

What inspired you to work in this business?

“Several years ago, I fell ill with a variety of health challenges that required me to quit my job and take two years off to heal and recover. During that time, I wasn't able to work or drive, which gave me lots of time to learn about natural health, beauty and healing holistically. After I experienced such powerful healing through natural modalities, I realized my passion was to share that with others by creating a salon that really supported the client in more than just a great haircut and color, by offering education, services and products that nurture the body and lessen the burden of toxins too often found in this industry.”
– Malina Y.

Why did you choose IN?

“The integrity and philosophy behind the brand aligned with our own. The exceptionally clean ingredients and sourcing of, and the level of performance. I've worked with some of the best luxury brands from New York to Paris and IN measures up, which is hard to find among organic and natural product lines.”
– Malina Y.

Highlights From The Team

K Salon highlights from the team

What is your favorite memory of working in a salon?

“I had a brand new client come in who was having an absolutely terrible day. She was feeling very low about her own self-worth and needed a distraction. She and I got to talking about her mishaps and adventures in life. Touched by her stories, at one point, I burst out, "You're beautiful! In so many ways, you don't need to be afraid of anything or ever worry about not being good enough. You're amazing." She cried and thanked me for making her day a little brighter. This warmed my heart so much and was a defining moment in my career as a stylist.”
– Ashley W.

What is your favorite hairstyle to create?

“My favorite hairstyle to create is a hairstyle where the client knows exactly what they don't want. The Spray On Detangler is an excellent foundation for any style for heat protection, Volumizing Spray for a bit of lift (everyone loves a bit of volume!), and Perfect Hold Hairspray is perfect to spray onto my hands for finer detailing and texture to put the finishing touch on the style that is hard to please.”
– Mary B.

What is your most hilarious/ embarrassing hair moment?

“My most recent embarrassing moment was when I was wiping down the shampoo bowl, while my client was sitting there, and I accidentally bumped the handle and water went spraying EVERYWHERE. Now I hold it down when I'm cleaning!”
– Gigi B.

What is your favorite INTELLIGENT NUTRIENTS® product and why?

“My favorite IN Product is the Volumizing Spray. Great for long hair or short hair, it gives weightless lift to a fabulous blow out, sculpts curls for curly hair, refreshes a style for second day styling and can also work beautifully for finishing a great style. I also absolutely love that it's nearly impossible to use too much, it's why I love suggesting this for styling.”
– Mary B.

K Salon K Salon

16823 E Sprague Ave. Spokane Valley, WA 99037
509.926.5392 •