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TIME traveler serum

Our serum reboots skincare superstars retinol and hyaluronic acid with breakthrough, natural plant actives. to fast-forward cell turnover, diffuse dark spots, get the smoother-and-firmer you miss in the mirror.

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Synthetic retinols are known to smooth wrinkles, fade spots, banish breakouts and improve overall skin texture — but can be toxic and age skin long-term by overthinning, overstressing and overdrying. Our safe, organic Plant Retinol Science™ is a breakthrough with proven actives offering a non-toxic and truly effective alternative.

Based on clinical, consumer and lab studies.
Used twice daily. Results may vary.

Real science.

it’s all in the ingredients

Revolutionary organic Plant Retinol Science™ & Sea Bioactives kickstart aging skin cells and give our Time Traveler Serum the power to outperform synthetics without the toxicity or common side effects

Spanish Needle

Spanish needle

Proven to reduce wrinkles by up to 28% after 28 days Improves skin density/firmness by up to 25% after 28 days Smoothes skin texture by up to 35% after 42 days

Sea Fennel

Sea fennel

Proven to increase skin uniformity by up to 47% after 28 days Regulates sebum for clearer, refined pores and fewer breakouts
Proven to diminish wrinkles without the typical side effects of photosensitivity and inflammation

Red Algae

Red Algae

In 24 hours, hydrates like applying synthetic hyaluronic acid for 2 weeks
Boosts natural hyaluronic acid by up to 211% and ceramides by up to 56%

Sea Daffodil

Sea Daffodil

Dark spot reduction of up to 63% after 42 days Targets both skin pigmentation and surface area

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