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What is PurePlenty™?

PurePlenty is our 3-product regimen designed to reinstate the life force of fine, limp or thinning hair. Each product is created using only potent plant bioactives, certified organic and plant stem cell ingredients to deliver scalp to strand nutrients that support healthy hair cycle.

And the proof is in the poof. In consumer studies, 82% said it increased the volume of their hair by 100x and 90% said their hair appeared thicker and voluminous after use.

Who is PurePlenty for?

We all lose a little hair every day. External factors like chemicals, stress, age and less-than-stellar nutrition can hurt, too. Strands thin, may break, growth slows and fewer hairs are in the growth phase.

PurePlenty is designed for people with naturally fine hair, who strive for thick full, lush hair. Or the 50% of males or 25% females who experience thinning hair and can relate to the following statements:

  • I’ve noticed more-than-usual hair loss
  • My hair grows super slowly
  • Hair loss runs in my family
  • Dry, tight or build-up on my scalp
  • My hair feels flat, lifeless and increasingly sparse
  • I worry my hairline is receding

What hair type is best for PurePlenty?

PurePlenty is designed for fine, limp or thinning hair.

How does PurePlenty work?

PurePlenty builds density & reinstates hair’s life force by going to the source and using innovative plant science in 3 ways:

  1. Inhibits DHT – the testosterone-derivative known to shrink scalp follicles and slow hair growth. Using: Saw Palmetto and lab cultivated Ajuga Plant Stem Cell to deliver up to 1000x more antioxidant power than typical antioxidants.
  2. Fortifies scalp & strands – Delivers power nutrients to help restore scalp, promoting healthy, bouncy hair. Using:
    • Pea Sprout Bioactives increased hair density in 85% of people
    • Nettle clears the scalp & improves hair shine
    • Intellimune Super Seed Antioxidant Complex provides potent antioxidants
  3. Replaces moisture & strengthens – Thin hair may lack moisture and break easily—and conventional hair care is known to strip away necessary oils and antioxidants. PurePlenty uses Plant Humectants & Intellimune Antioxidant Seed Complex to replenish and boost root strength, smoothness and shine.

Why is this a 3-product regimen?

Each product in the PurePlenty™ 3-product regimen is designed to target a specific piece of the healthy hair cycle to: 

STEP 1: Start at the source. A dry, tight scalp with oil build-up may inhibit an optimum healthy hair cycle.
Our PurePlenty Exfoliating Shampoo Jump-starts the scalp—the source of healthy, dynamic hair. Sweeps away buildup with gentle, non-chemical, sulfate free surfactants and Active Essential Oils to open follicles for optimum growth cycle and movement. Smart, direct-to-scalp applicator perfectly places product where it is needed!

STEP 2: Fortify scalp & strands. Thin or thinning hair can be dry, brittle, fine and limp and is more prone to breakage. Our super rich PurePlenty Density Building Conditioner formula is perfect to apply to hair—not roots for no extra weight—helps create density and volume for a thicker, shinier appearance. Specially formulated body building plant oils, humectants and bioactives help restore from within.

STEP 3: Nourish & flourish. Poor scalp health and circulation can slow and negatively impact a healthy hair cycle. - Our PurePlenty Nourishing Scalp & Strand Serum helps make fuller, thicker hair happen by going to the source inhibiting DHT and infusing nutrients for thriving follicles and an optimum environment for healthy hair.

Can I mix and match the PurePlenty Serum with other Shampoos or Conditioners?

Yes, however for maximum benefits PurePlenty was designed as a system where each product functions to support the next. For maximum results, all three products should be used daily as recommended.

  1. PurePlenty Exfoliating Shampoo – Gently cleans and helps clear the scalp of oil and cell build up and opens follicle and preps the scalp for the Serum.
  2. PurePlenty Density Building Conditioner – Addresses thickening and conditioning where you need it for healthy-looking hair and movement.
  3. PurePlenty Nourishing Scalp & Strand Serum – Promotes thriving follicles with nutrients and inhibits DHT for a healthy hair cycle.

Do I need to use all products every day and what if I stop using the products?

PurePlenty Shampoo and Conditioner should be used daily with the Serum used twice daily as recommended for best results. If you stop using PurePlenty your hair and scalp may resort to its pre-PurePlenty state. If you do not normally wash and condition your hair each day that is okay as long as you do not start to see build up or dryness on scalp and strands. Adjust frequency of shampoo and conditioner to meet your lifestyle. However, the serum should be used twice daily for best results.

If I MUST only start with one product, which do I start with?

Although we recommend the 3-product system for maximum benefits, if you choose only one product, start with the PurePlenty Nourishing Scalp & Strand Serum, since this product contains the highest concentrated level of Ajuga Plant Stem Cells and Saw Palmetto, to suppress DHT and promote healthy hair environment and cycle. We recommend that you use along with the PurePlenty Exfoliating Shampoo Treatment to prep the scalp for the Nourishing Serum.

What results should I expect to see by using PurePlenty and how long do I have to use before I see results?

PurePlenty results vary person by person and are dependent upon your starting hair and scalp condition, health, nutrition and environmental factors. The PurePlenty collection is designed to promote an overall healthy hair cycle with continuous use as a 3-product regimen as recommended.

Results vary, and may improve in one or the combination of the following ways, starting with the first use:

  • Reduce build up on scalp
  • Create a more balanced scalp as PurePlenty does not use harsh chemical surfactants that can disrupt your natural oil process.
  • Feel and appearance of increased thickness, volume or movement
  • Improved hair growth cycle
  • Reduced breakage or shedding
  • Smoother texture
  • Improved shine
  • Softer feel

What testing was done on PurePlenty and its active ingredients?

Consumer, clinical and lab tests were completed on PurePlenty and its key active ingredients. The proof is in the poof.

Based on consumer studies:

  • 82% had increased volume by 100x.
  • 90% said their hair appeared thicker and voluminous after use.

Clinical and lab studies reveal:

  • It was suggested that the proportion of active hair follicles to degenerating ones could be increased from 4 to 7.2 indicating an improved epidermal environment
  • Helps normalize the scalp and hair papilla
  • Improved perception of fullness of hair
  • Creates the appearance of denser hair
  • The decrease of the density of hair in the Telogen (Degenerating Phase) was observed in 85% of the volunteers.
  • The increase of the density of hair in the Anagen (Growth Phase) was observed in 75% of the volunteers.
  • The increase of the growth coefficient (A/T RATIO) was observed in 85%
  • Ajuga Plant Stem Cells are more effective at inhibiting the release of DHT compared to other commonly used materials.
  • Ajuga Plant Stem Cells have a higher antioxidant activity for a healthier scalp compared to other top antioxidants.

How long will the 3-product PurePlenty regimen last?

Based upon average use, the collection will last one month for medium-length hair. The chart below will help you determine how long the regimen will last based on your hair length:

Product  Hair Length   Size/ml   Avg ml / Use   # of Applications 
Shampoo Short 236

5 47
Medium 7 34
Long 9 26
Conditioner  Short 141 3 47
Medium 5 28
Long 7 20
Serum n/a 97 3 32

Why is PurePlenty more expensive than Harmonic and PureLuxe?

PurePlenty formulas include highly concentrated plant bioactives and potent plant stem cells with proven clinical results that are more expensive than traditional oils and emollients.

PurePlenty Shampoo has a different lather than Harmonic and PureLuxe, why?

PurePlenty Shampoo has Decyl Glucoside (a sugar derived mild cleansing agent), which provides flash (quick) foam and also gives a luxurious feel during application.

What ingredients in the PurePlenty Shampoo help exfoliate the scalp?

The gentle sugar derived cleansing agent (Decyl Glucoside) along with essential oils help free the scalp from excess build up without harsh chemical surfactants that can disrupt needed natural oils.

What in the PurePlenty Conditioner helps to thicken and strengthen strands?

Glycerin, herbal extracts like Aloe Vera, patented Castor Emollient and Olive derivatives rich in Polyglycosides, help replenish moisture and provide conditioning to strengthen roots and strands.

What is the % of plant stem cells in each product?

Plant stem cells are used at a clinically tested level. The highest amount of Ajuga Plant Stem Cells is in the PurePlenty Nourishing Scalp and Strand Serum.

What causes thinning hair, breakage and loss?

These conditions vary by person, with many causes such as heredity, chemical treatments, UV exposure and many more. External factors like stress, age and less-than-stellar nutrition can hurt, too. Strands thin , break, growth slows and fewer hairs are in the growth phase.

Is PurePlenty safe for color treated hair?

Yes, PurePlenty is safe for color treated hair and is formulated without harsh chemical surfactants that can often strip hair of color. However, if you have color build-up at the scalp you may notice it may help loosen and remove it. The smart shampoo applicator keeps product at the scalp where it is needed while our thick conditioner is designed to moisturize mid to ends of hair where replenishment is most needed. The healthier and more conditioned your hair is the more reflective and vibrant your hair color looks.

What styling products should I use with PurePlenty?

Our Volumizing Foam and Volumizing Spray compliment fine and limp hair needs.

Does PurePlenty stop dandruff?

PurePlenty was not tested for effects on dandruff. However the Nourishing Scalp and Strand Serum is designed to support a healthier scalp condition, which may positively impact those with dandruff conditions.

Is PurePlenty safe if I have a medical condition?

PurePlenty is formulated with natural plant bioactives and certified organic ingredients without harsh chemical surfactants or silicones for low toxicity and purity. However as with any medical condition, please consult your physician prior to use.

Is PurePlenty safe for hair extensions?

PurePlenty is designed for real hair and has not been tested on the numerous hair extension systems.

Is PurePlenty safe for hair transplants?

PurePlenty is formulated with gentle, non-toxic and certified organic ingredients for purity and potency. However; we recommend that you consult your transplant service provider prior to use.

Can my PurePlenty Scalp and Strand Serum become contaminated from touching my scalp during application?

Active essential oils and other ingredients provide antibacterial, antimicrobial and preservation to protect the formula integrity.

Are there specific storage instructions needed for this product?

No special storage instructions are needed. Keep where you wash your hair most often. Some consumers keep their Serum on their nightstand to quickly disperse throughout scalp prior to bedtime.

How is PurePlenty different from Invati, Bosley and other hair restoration lines?

PurePlenty is a fine or thinning hair SOLUTION designed to promote your healthiest hair life cycle possible. It is formulated with non-toxic, non-chemical plant stem cells, plant bioactives and certified organic ingredients.

  • A sulfate and silicone free system--PurePlenty is infused with plant active ingredients that function similarly to ingredients used in top selling thinning hair solutions like Rogaine’s 5-step system (used by Bosley) that inhibit DHT, invigorate the hair follicle, nourish and volumize the hair.
  • Invati is a plant based natural thinning hair solution based upon their own science of Densiplex, a blend of ayurvedic herbs of turmeric and ginseng.
  • Bosley offers transplants primarily and uses the Rogaine product line to support their services.
  • Rogaine uses Minoxidil, a synthetic chemical, in 1 of their 5-step thinning hair regimen.

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