Skin & Scalp Restoration

Pure Plenty® Nourishing Scalp Serum: Thicker, fuller hair starts at the scalp, and this serum works at the source to hydrate and support hair follicle health while inhibiting the hair-thinning hormone DHT. Our advanced Intelli-Cell™ plant stem cell science promotes your healthiest hair cycle and helps protect the length you’ve got.

Seed Synergy™ Hydra-Lotion: This fast-absorbing daily moisturizer re-energizes, rehydrates, and infuses dry skin with instant radiance. 

Drive in Nourishment.

The Pure Plenty Nourishing Scalp Serum is the most concentrated product in the Pure Plenty System. Fueled with caffeine to drive in nutrient benefits of the concentrated active ingredients.

Intelli-Seed Antioxidant Oil Complex.

Intelli-Seed™ is our proprietary, certified-organic blend of antioxidant-rich seed oils, including red grape, red raspberry, cranberry, pumpkin, and black cumin (which we've patented for its synergizing, benefit-boosting secret agent abilities).

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Skincare for face and scalp. improves root strength and inhibit DHT (the body’s hair thinning hormone)

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In This Bundle


Provides lightweight moisture while smoothing and protecting from environmental stresses

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