Pure Plenty Bundle

Say hello to thicker, bouncier, and more vibrant hair this holiday season with our Pure Plenty regimen! 

Pure Plenty® Shampoo (8 fl oz): Our organic, color-safe shampoo clarifies and fortifies hair follicles while inhibiting hair-thinning hormones, for hair that's full of life.

Pure Plenty® Conditioner (8 fl oz): Our nutrient-rich conditioner complements the shampoo, infusing your locks with volume and shine, leaving you with fuller, healthier-looking hair.

In This Bundle

Pure Plenty® Shampoo$39.00

This organic scalp-stimulating shampoo clarifies and fortifies hair follicles to optimize the growth cycle. Our color-safe formula features red clover extract and peptides to st...

Pure Plenty® Conditioner$41.00

This nutrient-rich conditioner works in tandem with Pure Plenty® Shampoo to boost volume and shine for fuller, healthier looking hair. Apply it primarily to the lengths and ends...

Super-natural Results

Experience super-natural results with Pure Plenty, perfect for fine or thinning hair. Our regimen harnesses plant stem cells and potent bioactives to revitalize your scalp and strands, promoting a healthy hair cycle, clearing buildup, and inhibiting hair thinning.

Rooted in Nature, Nurturing Your Hair's Full Potential

Find bounce, shine, and natural fullness in every drop of Pure Plenty, the key to healthier, fuller hair with nature's finest ingredients.

Give Your Hair a Thin-tervention

Pure Plenty Shampoo taps into the power of nature to clarify and fortify hair follicles, optimizing the growth cycle for fuller, healthier hair.

Fullness Unleashed

From roots to tips, Pure Plenty unleashes fullness, optimizing your hair's growth cycle for a lush and healthy appearance in every drop.

Star Ingredients

Complete the Regimen

This serum works at the source to hydrate and support hair follicle health while inhibiting the hair-thinning hormone DHT.

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