Intense Moisture

Shine Bright Vitamin C Hair Oil: The ultimate solution for lustrous, radiant, and healthy hair. This innovative formula harnesses the power of nature to bring you a transformative haircare experience. With a potent combination of Vegan Vitamin C, Silicone-Free Sugar Cane Alkanes, and Intelli-Seed Antioxidant Complex, your hair will be taken to new heights of beauty and manageability.

OneBody® Hand Balm: Indulge in a revitalizing transformation for your hands with our innovative hand cream, designed to provide instant treatment. 

Revitalize Your Beard with Vitamin C Care

Experience the magic of nourished and revitalized facial hair, as our Vitamin C-infused Beard Oil supports healthy beard growth and brings out the best in your facial hair.

A Better Hand Treatment.

Intelli-Fruit Science™ Hand Balm returns the power of touch to our tap-twice moments, with an ultra-rich yet clean balm that’s certified organic and buildable.

In This Bundle


Doubles for use on beards, staches, gotees and more infused with skin loving vitamin C.

Star Ingredients

In This Bundle


Soothes and softens the roughest hands

Star Ingredients

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