Instant Rejuvenation

Unlock the secret to rejuvenated, radiant skin this holiday season with Instant Rejuvenation an essential skincare duo for all skin types. 

Seed Synergy™ Foaming Cleanser (5 fl oz): Gently purify and remove makeup while safeguarding your skin's natural moisture barrier. 

Seed Synergy™ Hydra-Lotion (1.7 fl oz): Re-energize, rehydrate, and instantly illuminate dry skin with this fast-absorbing daily moisturizer. 


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In This Bundle

Seed Synergy™ Foaming Cleanser$24.50$35.00

Gently purifies and removes makeup while protecting the skin’s natural moisture barrier with sulfate-free, plant-based cleansing ingredients that condition as they clean. Antiox...

Seed Synergy™ Hydra-Lotion$52.50$75.00

This fast-absorbing daily moisturizer re-energizes, rehydrates, and imbues dry skin with instant radiance. Intelli-Seed™ oil complex, rich in omegas and antioxidants, makes skin...

Sensory Bliss

Experience the ultimate sensory delight with Liquid Green Oil's certified organic aroma. This intoxicating blend of blue tansy rose, neroli, cistus, everlasting, orange, geranium, ylang-ylang, and chamomile essential oils creates an indulgent olfactory journey.

Nourish and Cleanse with Seed Synergy

Embrace clean, hydrated and beautifully rejuvenated skin in every drop.

Your Daily Source of Radiant Revival

Re-energize, rehydrate, and leave your skin glowing from with I-N.

Rejuvenate Your Gaze with Liquid Green Revival Eye Whip

Say farewell to wrinkles as Liquid Green Revival Eye Whip revitalizes and moisturizes your delicate eye area.

Nourish Your Skin's Desires with Liquid Green Elegance

Liquid Green delivers elegance and sophistication to your self-care routine, nurturing your skin's unique needs.

Star Ingredients

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