Glow Up

Elevate your beauty game and rekindle your skin's radiance with this eco-friendly pair for all skin types. 

Liquid Green® Face Oil (1 fl oz): Achieve radiant skin with our lightweight, hydrating facial oil as it plumps, restores elasticity, and enhances your glow.

OneBody® Lip Delivery Nutrition® (.3 oz): Nourish, protect and enhances your lips with the soothing and plumping power of Intelli-Fruit™ lemon, vitamin E, and a rejuvenating tripeptide complex. 

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In This Bundle

Liquid Green™ Face Oil$59.50$85.00

This lightweight, hydrating facial oil relights skin’s natural brightness, plumps appearance with moisture and makes elasticity bounce back for what-did-you-do-differently radia...

OneBody® Lip Delivery Nutrition®$11.90$17.00

Nourishes, protects, and perfects the lips with cooling and plumping Intelli-Fruit™ lemon, vitamin E and tripeptide complex and a delicious certified-organic essential oil sweet...

The Ultimate Skin Indulgence

Discover the transformative power of our OneBody Lip Balm, a blend of proven food-grade ingredients that bestow anti-aging benefits, leaving your lips soft, smooth, and nourished. Powered by Intelli-Seed™ science, our Liquid Green Oil, an antioxidant-rich organic blend glides over your skin, absorbing quickly to deliver promised results.

Rediscover Your Lips' Natural Beauty

Unveil the true potential of your lips with our enriching blend that enhances, protects, and celebrates their innate allure.

Nature's Elixir for Your Skin

Indulge in skin obsession as Liquid Green revitalizes and hydrates with nature's finest ingredients.

Green Luxury Redefined

Redefine luxury with Liquid Green, where nature meets opulence in every drop.

Lip Love, Naturally Delivered

Experience the purest form of lip care delivering the love and nourishment your lips crave.

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