Client Policy

Education: Intelligent Nutrients offers a multi-tiered approach to educating our network. We offer a range of educational resources including our comprehensive Product Reference Guide, online education resources, IN Location training, and classes at our Education Center in Minneapolis. Please contact Customer Service for more information about our available educational opportunities.

Co-op Advertising: As a partnership, Intelligent Nutrients will reimburse annually 50% of ad costs up to $200. Credit will be applied towards your next IN product order. IN logos and images are provided upon request through ShareFile. Contact Customer Service for authorization and ShareFile account access. Any use of the IN logo and artwork or any other IN name, logo or mark is subject to IN’s prior written approval. Ads placed without prior approval will not be eligible for reimbursement. All use of IN’s names, logos and marks will insure to the benefit of IN.

Authorized Sales: As an authorized Intelligent Nutrients Customer, you agree to sell IN products only at retail locations owned and operated by you in the United States. Online web sales of Intelligent Nutrients products are not allowed. You agree not to sell IN product through third party websites or to any individual or entity who you know or have reason to believe will resell or engage in any further distribution of Intelligent Nutrients’ products.
You agree not to Sell IN products as part of a “buy back” (i.e. the purchase of all or substantially all of your stock of IN products by another party).
Any change in ownership, business location, entity and/or business structure must be communicated and approved by Intelligent Nutrients. Failure to communicate such information may result in immediate termination of our relationship.
To honor Intelligent Nutrients’ international distributor agreements, you agree to ship Intelligent Nutrients product only within the United States and not to ship outside of the United States.

No Exclusivity: It is our goal to change the way the beauty industry views health; therefore Intelligent Nutrients does not offer territorial or any other exclusivity to our retailers, salons or spas.

Enforcement: These policies and our transactions are governed by and subject to Minnesota law and any action relating to business transactions or these policies will be brought in the Federal or State Courts of the State of Minnesota. The parties will consent to this jurisdiction. The prevailing party in action to relating to this agreement or the transactions between the parties will be entitled to recover from the other all costs of such action, including reasonable attorneys’ fees.

Conflict: In the event of any conflict between these Terms and Conditions and any purchase order or other document submitted by you, these Terms and Conditions will control.

Return Policy

Product Warranty: IN warrants that the IN Products sold to Customer will be free from defects in material and workmanship; provided, however, that (i) IN’s sole obligation under this warranty is replacement of defective product by IN or to refund amounts paid with respect to such product; (ii) any claims hereunder must be made in writing to IN within ten (10) days of the date of purchase of the subject IN product; and (iii) at the request of IN the allegedly defective product is returned to IN, transportation prepaid. OTHER THAN AS EXPRESSLY SET FORTH IN THIS SECTION (Product Warranty) IN DISCLAIMS ALL WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR ANY PURPOSE AND ALL OTHER WARRANTIES EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED. Customer agrees to make no warranty or representation inconsistent with or in addition to the warranty stated herein. IN agrees to indemnify and hold Customer harmless from any and all liability, costs and expenses, including reasonable attorney’s fees but excluding incidental and consequential damages, relating to or arising out of claims of end users of IN Products which are based on a breach of the above warranty or gross negligence on the part of IN in the manufacture of the IN Products, provided the Customer gives IN immediate notice of any such claim and the opportunity to control and defend the same.

PLEASE NOTE: Intelligent Nutrients does not accept returns without prior authorization from Customer Service.

Order Policy

Payment: Prices and terms at which IN Products will be sold may be changed or modified by IN at any time in its sold discretion. Orders are pre-authorized by credit card payment only using American Express, Discover, MasterCard or Visa. Payment will be held beginning on the day your order is submitted and the charge will be processed once your order has shipped.

Discounts: Volume discounts do not apply

Re-Orders: Minimum re-order amount of $100.00 (not including shipping and handling) in multiples of 3 per item.

Inactivity: Account status is evaluated each sales quarter. Orders must total a minimum of $1,250 quarterly in order to maintain an active account. To reinstate an inactive account, order minimums and reactivation documents may be required.

Backorders: Backorders do not ship automatically. Please re-submit requested items with your next order.

*Unused Tester Allowance does not accrue on future purchases.

Shipping Policy

Shipping: Orders will be processed and shipped within 1-2 business days of acceptance of the order by IN. Pallet size orders may require extra time for processing. Orders are shipped via FedEx ground. Overnight and 2-day shipping options are available for an additional fee and must be placed on or before 11:00am Central Time to ship out same day. Any orders after this time will ship the next business day. Most products are available for priority shipping. Orders must be shipped to business address/location on file. IN will use reasonable efforts to deliver all IN Products ordered within the agreed upon time frames. In the event it is unable to do so or to otherwise fulfill any of its obligations under this Agreement due to fire, strike, riots, acts of god or other circumstances beyond IN’s reasonable control, IN will have the right in its sole and absolute discretion to delay or cancel any product delivery or other performance hereunder. Upon receipt of notice of IN’s election to delay, Customer will have the options to cancel the order to which it relates upon written notice to IN.

Damaged Shipments: Inspect your order upon receipt and notify IN Customer Service immediately of any issues within the shipment. If you suspect your order is damaged, please indicate that the order is damaged when you sign for the delivery and document the damages with photographs before you open your order, as well as after. You may be asked to supply proof of damage in the form of photos or return of product. Replacement product will be shipped with your next order.

Shipping Rates:

Order Subtotal Shipping Rate
$100 - $499 $14
$500 - $1499 $29
$1500 - $2500 $49
$2500+ FREE


Does IN work with small businesses?

Yes. As an independent company, we’re here for entrepreneurs. Our opening order options work for all types of businesses.

What is the minimum opening order/minimum order?

We offer affordable and flexible buy-in options. Opening order packages begin at $1,600 and our minimum reorder is only $100.

Does IN offer a professional discount?

Yes. Our INsider program is open to beauty and wellness professionals including cosmetologists, stylists, barbers, estheticians, nail technicians, makeup artists, massage therapists and students currently pursing these careers. It’s a great option if you love IN but aren’t able to retail the products in your current situation.

Does IN offer backbar/tester products?

Yes. There’s a reduced rate for Professional Use products.

What complimentary support and collateral is included with an opening order?

Each buy-in level includes a generous support material package valued at up to 37% of your investment. Support material package values vary based on buy-in level.

Do you restrict new businesses due to exclusivity?

No, we don’t request exclusives from retailers, salons or spas. Our goal is to provide the highest performing, safest products over anything else.

Am I restricted to carrying only Intelligent Nutrients products?

No. You are free to carry other product lines – although we believe with IN you might not need them!

What educational opportunities are offered by IN?

We offer a multi-tiered education platform:

  • Reference Guide – digital and printed
  • Online Educational Presentations – recorded and live
  • IN Academy Training – Minneapolis, MN
  • IN Location – IN on the road

I am interested in carrying IN products, can I order products for my staff to try on our clients before ordering an opening package?

Yes, Trial Kits are available. Please contact us for details.

What are shipping rates and transit times?

Shipping rates are based on weight. Each rate is calculated per order. We ship via FedEx ground and transit times vary by region but we allow 3-5 business days for delivery. For an additional fee, we can ship 2-day and overnight.