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Janell brings over 20+ years knowledge and experience in personal care product development, manufacturing, certification and regulatory compliance, working primarily with natural and organic ingredients for I-N. Now that’s Intelligent.

Janell is your go-to source (and ours!) for all questions about I-N’s

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What makes the liquid green products green?

Simple nature color mixing! The blue tansy flower mixes with 14 natural emollient oils and esters to create the 100% natural color you see in our Liquid Green® Face Oil, Liquid Green® Body Oil, and even the soft shade of our Liquid Green® Revival Eye Whip (Coming Soon!).


PFAS are in the news lately. It seems like they are bad. What is the issue and does I-N use them?

The issue with PFAS chemicals is environmental persistence and harm to human health. I-N does not use PFAS forever chemicals in our formulations - Learn More


Can you tell me about your packaging material and recyclability?

For skin care, we choose glass for most of our products. It looks fabulous and is infinitely recyclable. For hair care and styling, we choose resin code 2 HDPE plastic with the highest PCR content possible for our products. PCR plastic is safe for the shower environment. By creating demand for PCR plastic, we are actually supporting the recycling system and saving plastic from landfills and incinerators. I-N uses an impact tool kit created for us by Brown & Wilmanns Environmental where we can compare the cradle to gate impact of various packaging materials. By using this tool, we discovered that resin code 2 HDPE has a lower footprint than resin code 1 PET, industry standard for personal care products. So we switched! The impact from gate to grave has more variables and it depends on you, the consumer. I-N makes it easier to recycle because resin code 2 HDPE is the 2nd most desired plastic in the recycling world and glass is easily recycled almost everywhere. Please refer to each product page for recycling best practices and support us in closing the loop.