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Earth Day Sale

Provides Pollution Protection


Blocks pollution and everday wear without harsh chemical sulfates, silicones and petro-yuck. Hair-loving and earth-respecting.

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  1. PureServe® Color Saving Regimen

    For color treated hair.

    • PureServe&® Color Saving Shampoo Sulfate-free, plant-based cleanser is kind to scalp, cuticle and color. Won’t strip color or natural oils.
    • PureServe® Color Saving Conditioner Cuticle-smoothing nutrients help enhance shine for optimized reflection and color vibrancy.
    • PureServe® Color Shield Locks in pigment and shine while locking out the threats that oxidize color and attack overall hair health and vitality. 

    Buy the PureServe® System & Get 15% Off! A $16.65 Savings.


  2. PureServe® Color Saving Shampoo

    For color treated hair.

    Sulfate-free, plant based gentle cleanser nourishes while protecting hair shaft to improve color retention. Won’t strip natural oils

    Starting at: $12.00

  3. PureServe® Color Saving Conditioner

    For color treated hair.

    The lightweight conditioning lotion packed with nutrients, smoothes hair, enhances shine and protects from daily damage. Extends color and seals in moisture.

    Starting at: $13.00

  4. PureServe® Color Shield

    For color treated hair.

    This spray on multi-use elixir treatment locks in moisture, tames frizz and helps protect from environmental damage while improving hair health and manageability. Helps extend hair color.

    PRE-TREAT dry hair before shampooing for maximum color protection.

    SHIELD and DETANGLE before you style and expose hair to daily life.

    Starting at: $18.00

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4 Item(s)