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Hair Styling Tools

Time-Saving Tools, Hair-Saving Tech

Our professionally developed and salon-tested tools take your hair from whatever to wow—without the stress.

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  1. Anti-Static Paddle Brush Pro

    Straighten, smooth and detangle longer thick hair without static or frizz.
  2. Anti-Static Travel Pro Styler

    Lift, volumize and shape; this brush is engineered for styling on the go.

  3. Anti-Static Wet/Dry Everyday Oval

    Smooth and detangle, this ball-tipped design is the go-to brush for hair of all lengths.
  4. Anti-Static Essential Comb

    Dual teeth, dual function.
  5. The Body and Beyond Brush

    Our luxurious, soft nylon brush feels so good you’ll find an excuse to use it.
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5 Item(s)