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Revitalizing Moisture Creme & Detoxifying Glycolic Gel.Here are some questions we thought you might have. If your answer is not below, please contact our customerservice or send us a note on Facebook or Twitter.
revitalizing moisture creme

What is the difference between Revitalizing Moisture Crème and Restorative Moisturizing Emulsion(formerly Anti-Aging Moisture)?

The Restorative Moisture Emulsion is a light moisturizer. It works for all skin types, especially for normal to oily skin. The active ingredient is our Intellimune® Seed Antioxidant Complex – it’s rich in the antioxidants, Vitamin E and Omega fatty acids that deliver soft, supple skin.

The Revitalizing Moisture Crème is thick, creamy and a more intense moisturizer. It was formulated to be used daily for dry skin and incorporated as a treatment for a moisture surge for all other skins. The rich crème builds your moisture barrier while simultaneously reducing visible fine lines and wrinkles between your eyebrows, nasal furrows and mouth expression lines.

What are the active ingredients?

Gardenia (Jasminoides) Plant Stem Cells – Inhibits collagenase helping to prevent firmness loss. Stimulates new collagen with the same potency of Vitamin C.

Golden Brown Algae (Undaria Pinnatifida) Active: This highly potent active helps plump and lift the hollow area of the cheeks and reactivates the 14 genes designed to support well-aging.

Studies show it contests the inversion of the Triangle of Beauty by reducing the:
• Volume and area of the wrinkles between the eyebrows after 14 days (smoothed forehead).*
• Volume and area of the nasal furrows (reduced length and depth).*
• Volume and area of mouth wrinkles (softened expression lines).*

What is the aroma?

It’s a blend of ylang-ylang, bergamot, orange, benzoin, patchouli, clove, nutmeg, lavender, sandalwood, basil essential oils and nectar flavor.

If I have the current Restorative Moisturizing Emulsion, which one would you recommend using for the AM vs. PM?

You can use Revitalizing Moisture Crème in the evening for a moisture surge treatment, and continue to use the Restorative Moisturizing Emulsion in the AM.

Is it a daily use moisturizer or a treatment?

It’s a daily moisturizer for dry skin. For all other skin types, it can be used as an intense moisture treatment. It’s also a great moisturizer for travel, flights and drier climates.

Is it Vegan/Gluten free?


What skin type(s) will benefit most?

All skins, especially dry.

Can this moisturizer be used as an eye cream?

Yes, you can use the moisturizer on the delicate eye area. However, our Plant Stem Cell Renewal Complex Eye Gel is specially formulated to target puffiness, lines and under eye circles.

Detoxifying Glycolic Gel

What does the Detoxifying Glycolic Gel do to my skin?

It breaks down the substance holding the dead skin cells to your skin, allowing them to be rinsed off to reveal younger and smoother skin cells. Skin looks clearer, brighter and more radiant with regular use.

What percentage of glycol is in this product?

Our formula is 5% glycol derived from sugar cane.

What are the active ingredients?

    Sugar Cane Glycol Active:
  • Energizes and brightens skin.
  • Dissolves dirt, debris and buildup in the pores.
  • Eradicates dead cell build up that can cause acne and dull the surface of your face.
  • Helps purify pores to keep breakouts at bay.
  • Leaves skin bright, firm and smooth.
    Plant Stem Cells of Edelweiss, Coneflower and Pennywort Actives:
  • Visibly diffuse fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Visibly even skin tone.
  • Improve elasticity.*

What can I expect when I use it?

• Your skin may experience slight redness and a warming sensation during initial use.
• An active tingle on sensitive areas of the skin is common.
• You may experience slight peeling up to 3 days after use.
• Using the Detoxifying Glycolic Gel on a regular basis will help decrease your skin’s overreaction to the potent active ingredients.
• With regular use the glycol will strengthen and restore skin while providing all the skin loving benefits listed above.

When should it be applied in the Intelligent Nutrients skin regimen?

The Detoxifying Glycolic Gel should be applied to bare skin following your preferred IN facial cleanser.

I’ve heard of glycolic acid facial peels, is this similar?

A professional glycolic peel, or alpha hydroxy acid peel, may have up to 50% glycolic acid (generally chemical, not natural) and should be administered by a professional esthetician. These treatments may be irritating, cause swelling, burning sensation, extreme redness and major peeling for up to 10 days post treatment. If not managed appropriately, they could cause long-term damage to the dermis. Our Detoxifying Glycolic Gel functions similarly to a peel in that it helps remove dead cell build-up, prompting the production of new collagen and elastin. However, it contains 5% glycol and is designed to be part of your daily regimen to treat skin over time safely and without the sometimes negative side effects of a glycolic peel.

Does this contain propylene glycol?

No. It contains a naturally occurring form of glycol from sugar cane vs the chemical propylene glycol used in many conventional products.

The chemical propylene glycol has been linked to:
• Cancer
• Developmental/reproductive issues
• Allergies/immune toxicity
• Neurotoxicity
• Endocrine disruption
• Organ system toxicity
• Heinz-body anemia (HzB) in cats

What is the aroma?

It’s a blend of ylang ylang, bergamot, orange, benzoin, patchouli, clove, nutmeg, lavender sandalwood, basil essential oils and nectar flavor.

Is this a daily use product? If so, once or twice a day?

It’s designed for twice-daily use — because it contains potent actives, we recommend:

• An initial patch test
• Apply every other day, building up to twice daily use.
• Apply 1/2 pump evenly on face, neck and décolleté following cleansing.
• After absorbed, rinse or leave-on for extended treatment.

Is it Vegan/Gluten free?


What skin type(s) will benefit most from using it?

It is formulated for all skins, especially oily.

What is the difference between this Detoxifying Glycolic Gel and the Refining Micro Polish?

The Refining Micro Polish is a physical exfoliant. It uses biodegradable jojoba beads (not plastic) to slough off old skin cells.

The Detoxifying Glycolic Gel is considered a chemexfoliation. It’s a solution that actually breaks down the substance holding the dead skin cells to your skin and allows them to be rinsed off. Despite the scary name, chemical exfoliators are actually a gentler method of exfoliation.

Would I use both products? Which is the best to use and how often?

It really depends on your skin. You can use both if you like, but generally not together–opposite days would be ideal. If you’re looking for daily use and gentle characteristics, you may prefer chemical exfoliation with our Detoxifying Glycolic Gel. If you’re looking for physical exfoliation a few times a week, the Refining Micro Polish works great. Note: Remember to introduce one product at a time. Always patch test. Always moisturize and use a sunscreen afterward. Any kind of exfoliation thins the skin barrier and makes it more susceptible to sun damage.

If I have sensitive skin, can I use the Detoxifying Glycolic Gel?

Yes. Wait to apply 15 to 30 minutes after washing with your regular IN cleanser, until the face is completely dry. Waiting can reduce any possible irritation, allowing the acids to start working their magic on your skin.

Can I over-exfoliate? If yes, how will I know?

This varies greatly, depending upon your skin condition, skin type, etc. Some signs that you may be over-exfoliating include irritation, tightness, itching, dryness/flaking skin, acne breakouts and an overall uncomfortable feeling that you usually don’t experience.

Is there an age to start to exfoliate my face?

There is no particular age; it depends upon the state of the skin and skin condition. Exfoliation is beneficial for most ages and most normal skin.


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