Total Look Collab with Peter Gray & Rudy Miles

We teamed up with Hairbrained, Peter Gray and Rudy Miles to bring you through all the steps in creating an editorial look from start to finish! 

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Ravean Western

Total Look Collab with Peter Gray & Rudy Miles

We teamed up with Hairbrained and our Global I-NNOVATORS' Peter Gray and Rudy Miles to bring you through a behind the scenes look of what goes into an editorial shoot. 

Ravean Western sitting in chair

A lot of times all we see if the finished look, Peter and Rudy walk us through step by step of the process on our gorgeous model Raeven Western.

Peter Gray curling Ravean Western's hair

Recognized for his exceptional cutting skills and lightness of touch, Peter Gray is among the worldʼs foremost hair stylists contributing to editorial shoots for a range of luxury and style titles.

Peter Gray and Rudy Miles prepping Ravean Western

Rudy Miles is an editorial makeup artist, licensed esthetician and educator. As a diverse makeup artist skilled in the beauty and fashion industries he has created runway looks for many high-profile designers. 

Peter and Rudy give Raeven a natural look for this total look collab starting with a simple skincare routine using Rudy's favorite I-N products. 

Intelligent skincare

Rudy starts by prepping Raeven's skin with our Seed-Synergy Micellar Water

"The reason I love this micellar water it is palm and coconut. The micro micellar combined with water lift dirt and debris off of the surface of the skin. You do not need to rinse this with water. The beauty of it is you can prep the skin without needing cleanser and towels. It cleanses the skin and also has glycerin so it hydrates the skin and loads it with antioxidants." - Rudy Miles 

Liquid green oil

Rudy then uses our Liquid Green Oil to give Raeven's skin an even more radiant glow! 

"If you have nothing else in your repertoire you need this! This is a fantastic, luscious Argan based face oil. I like to work with skin that is very emollient. You can always powder skin that is overly shiny. It is fantastic and green because of the Blue Tansy in this product, the ingredients are also functional!" - Rudy Miles

Rudy goes in with our OneBody Lip Delivery Nutrition.

"This product uses rice bran as the wax. It has jojoba oil, lemon and sodium hyaluronic so it is lip-plumping as well as the tripeptides which also help to build collagen in the lips." - Rudy Miles 

Ravean Western on rooftop

Rudy using our Liquid Green Body Oil on Raeven's arms to give her body a natural glow. 

"Most body oils you need to dab off the excess because they never absorb into the skin. This product is fantastic, it is fast-absorbing and made out of coconut, sesame seed oil and antioxidants such as; black cumin, red raspberry, pumpkin, cranberry and red grape." - Rudy Miles  

Intelligent haircare

While Rudy is working on his skincare routine, Peter preps the hair with our Good Hair Guardian Thermal Primer.

"I use Good Hair Guardian as a base spray, heat protector, and basic environmental protector. It gives me a foundation to comb curly hair through. I then came in with Amplifi-hair Style & Restyler Spray at roots to give added volume." - Peter Gray 

Ravean Western

Peter's routine consists of prep and base, and stylers where he needs them. Peter uses our Bell-Curve Curl Reviving Spray throughout the middle and ends of Raeven's hair and our award-winning Bell-Curve Curl Cream on the ends to reduce frizz and define curls. 

Ravean Western

Pro tip: once the styling is complete Peter puts our Liquid Green Oil on his hands when touching the hair. This helps with not drying out the hair when he touches it. 

"It is all about the lighting when it comes to shooting photos, it's about learning to light yourself or the model. The best shot usually happens mid-movement. It is never when your pose." - Peter Gray