Small Changes. Big Difference.

Explore little ways to help our planet.
Small Changes. Big Difference.

Small Changes. Big Difference.

Are you as obsessed with sustainability as we are? 

I-N is rooted in our love for plants and for the planet. We believe the only right and sensible solution to so many global problems is to embrace earth conscious, sustainable alternatives and plant-based over petroleum. 

Our team is passionate about making small changes in their every day life to help our planet for a brighter tomorrow. 

I-N Skincare

Janell Schroeder | Regulatory Affairs, Certification/Document Control, Research & Essential Oil Specialist

  • Bring your own cup to the coffee shop.  
  • Bring your own container when eating out for any possible left overs.
  • Purchase loose produce that is not in plastic.
  • Consider joining a zero waste group to learn ways that others succeed in putting less in the waste bin each week.

Rudy Miles | Global I-NNOVATOR 

  • When working from home, only use daylight to reduce electricity usage.
  • Walk to any destination within 20-30 blocks of your home if you live in the cities.
  • Decline plastic utensils with carry out orders.
  • Grow your own produce.

Marlo Boyle | Education Director 

Healthy seasonal food

  • Eat with the seasons only using what’s available in your local area.
  • Do not use any petroleum-based household cleansers or beauty care products.
  • Use cold water for laundry wash cycles to reduce energy.
  • During Summer months, open your windows and let in the fresh air to limit air-conditioning use.

Alicia Wigen | Customer Service Manager

  • Use recyclable/sealable paper sandwich bags when packing lunch. No plastic or Ziploc.
  • Plant several trees on our property.
  • Eliminate the use of plastic straws.
  • Reusable water bottles instead of plastic.

Lindsey Larson | Global I-NNOVATOR 


  • Always try to have a chemical free home and yard.
  • Avoid fast fashion and thrift shop whenever you can.
  • Get creative with repurposing. Try repurposing I-N skincare into vases!

Lisa Judge | Controller

  • Always use paper grocery bags or bring your own bag.
  • Keep packaging as whole as possible, leave the cap on the bottle to ensure every small piece of plastic gets recycled.
  • Buy laundry and dishwasher detergent in compostable cardboard packaging (no plastic!) and reusable bottles for cleaning supplies.

Fatima Olive | Global I-NNOVATOR


  • Buy less. Reduce your footprint by adjusting your daily choices.
  • Support companies that promote and practice sustainability.
  • Join a community supported agriculture group to learn about your food origin.
  • Compost food scraps even if it’s a small composter it’s less in the landfill!