Notes from the Farm: Spilanthes

September 27, 2013

Intelligent Nutrients has our very own organic farm in Wisconsin where we cultivate plants for products and the future. As a student of nature, Horst uses this sunny acreage as testing ground/playground to study and investigate plant species before they even get into our formulas. 

The latest: Spilanthes. Long a friend of the naturopath, this plant is known for all sorts of clearing, anti- microbial and antibacterial properties… and a rather curious party trick.

What’s crazy about Spilanthes is that when you eat it, it makes your mouth tingle. If that doesn’t pique your curiosity, get this: it can turn your mouth numb and make you produce saliva. A lot of it. It can even make your mouth go numb. Talk about an exciting Saturday night.

IN is currently studying the curious powers of this flowering herb. Check back here to find out how we’ll be using Spilanthes in future.