I-N Co-Founders Nicole & Kiran's Holiday Favorites

The holiday season is just around the corner, and it's time to start thinking about the perfect gifts and self-care that will make this time of year truly special. Read on for more!
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I-N Co-Founders Nicole & Kiran's Holiday Favorites

The holiday season is just around the corner, and it's time to start thinking about the perfect gifts and self-care that will make this time of year truly special. For I-N Co-Founders, Nicole Rechelbacher and Kiran Stordalen, the holidays are all about nourishing and nurturing their skin and hair with a lineup of sustainable, cruelty-free products that benefit both the planet and humans. Since they know all too well the reality of living in a dry, winter climate, they have come to rely on these formulas to keep them both looking and feeling their best throughout the season. They can't wait to share these tips with their extended I-N family!

Liquid Green: A Holiday Essential

One of the core pillars of each of their skincare regimens is the iconic Liquid Green line. "As a Liquid Green devotee, the Liquid Green™ Face Oil, Liquid Green™ Body Oil, and Liquid Green™ Revival Eye Whip have become my go-to products during the holidays and all winter long. I live in a dry climate, so during the colder months I almost completely submerge myself in these rich, delicious formulas," said Kiran, adding that, "The face and body oil provide the best sink-in-skin experience that keeps my skin satisfied, moisturized and glowing." 

Not only do these products feel amazing on the skin, but they also provide deep hydration which is essential during the wintertime. Combining the powers of I-N's certified organic Intelli-Seed™ antioxidant oil complex and the powerhouse flower, blue tansy, this trio is sure to bring radiance back into your skin. "These little wonders pack a punch, reviving my skin's natural glow and making it bounce back with youthful plumpness. They're like bodyguards for my skin cells, protecting against the winter's wrath. And the cherry on top? An intoxicating scent that makes every application a delight," noted Nicole. 

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A Little Extra Love for Your Hair 

In addition to her skincare routine, Kiran also finds time to pamper her hair during the holidays. "Combining the Shine Bright Moisture Mask and Shine Bright Vitamin C Hair Oil is the perfect complement to my skincare routine. The mask provides deep conditioning while adding a soft shine to my hair especially when it's looking lackluster and neglected. I apply the hair oil daily to dry hair just to give that extra boost of shine, nutrients and eliminate some of the frizz," said Kiran.

Bringing together the powers of vegan Vitamin C, silicone-free sugar cane alkanes, and a signature Intelli-Seed Antioxidant Complex formula, this hair oil works to re-light hairs natural shine. "It's like a magic potion, boosting collagen production to fortify my hair's strength and elasticity as the dry months roll in," said Nicole, adding that,"This dynamic duo is my holiday hair savior, ensuring my hair shines with health and beauty this season."

Crafted with marine actives from golden samphire and aspergillus ferment, the hair mask not only works to boost hairs shine, but also helps to repair broken bonds and reinforces lipid cohesion. While these products are incredibly effective, they also have signature scents courtesy of a combination of orange citrus, warm vanilla, and balsamic sandalwood. "The whiff of these formulas is pure pleasure that gets me in a relaxed head space, as they are some of my favorite scents in the entire I-N collection," added Kiran. 

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'Tis the Season for Eco-Friendly Gift-Giving

"When it comes to gifting at the holidays, I opt for recyclable materials for packages. I usually go for butcher paper and avoid anything with foil or metallics, and I prepare for this season throughout the year by saving paper, ribbons and string to reuse on packages," Kiran said, adding that, "Shopping sustainable allows us to purchase with a little more sense of purpose, and support change within the beauty industry that we believe in. And at the end of the day, change is what we need."

This season provides many great opportunities to let your voice be heard with your vote of gifts, and choosing cruelty-free consumption can have a greater impact than you can imagine. "When there is growing demand, policymakers are more inclined to make a change," said Kiran. With the growth of eco brands throughout the past decade alone, there has been a clear shift in public opinion and consumer behavior, filling us here at I-N with hope looking forward to a brighter, greener future.

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Bringing Sustainability into The New Year and Beyond

When examining the concept of New Year's resolutions and what they mean to each individual, we should keep in mind that the concept itself does not always work the perceived "magic" that we wish it did. Research shows that while 44% of Americans make a New Year's resolution, 81% of them will fail by February. With this in mind, it is important to recognize that we can start these resolutions at anytime, and hold ourselves accountable to be better, and do better for both ourselves and our planet.

"I view resolutions as ongoing commitments, not mere once-a-year thoughts. Self-care and wellness go beyond consumerism; they are a profound journey into self-discovery, understanding our 'who,' 'what,' and 'why.' It's a relentless pursuit of love, both for ourselves and for the world around us," said Nicole, adding that, "Just like maintaining a meticulous hair and skin routine, self-care demands unwavering dedication and inner work. I am driven by the deep connection between our bodies, nature, our communities, and the planet. My focus on self-love is my compass, guiding me to be the best mother, wife, and human I can be, spreading love and peace for years to come. This is a lifelong commitment, not just a New Year's resolution."

"Overall, the holidays can be a hectic time, but taking a few moments for myself with these favorite I-N products is a cherished ritual that centers me in the midst of the holiday craze," Kiran concluded.


Warm wishes,

Nicole & Kiran