Intelligent I-N Featured Salon of the Month

Intelligent I-N x Robert Hass Salon 

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Intelligent I-N Featured Salon of the Month

At Intelligent I-N we value the professional and our Salon network. Since launching I-N as the first USDA-certified organic hair care line in 2008, we’ve partnered with many salons to join our movement of plant-powered, sustainable and organic haircare & skincare with science as the foundation. 

Robert Hass Salon is one of our valued salon partners helping to spread the word. We sat down with Amy and independent contractor at Robert Hass Salon to get to know more about their business. 

Robert Hass Salon

Get to know Robert Hass Salon 

"Our salon is converted from an old carriage house in the early 1900’s. It is funky, eclectic, warm and cozy, and sits right in a classic Seattle neighborhood of Craftsman homes. Just two of us work here full time, with a third part time stylist. It’s small, it’s personal, it’s amazing!" - Amy 

Robert Hass Salon

 "I chose to work with I-N because I want my clients to feel good about what they put in their hair. It smells great, works like it says, and not only is it good for people it’s good for the planet. A Breathe I-N moment for me is when I get to work, the smell of Inspiramint Shampoo on my client’s head while she tells me she has been looking forward to her shampoo experience all week, that makes me feel like I am spreading peace and calm. That makes my week!" - Amy 

Amy loves the bond the team at Robert Hass Salon has with their clients after all these years, she loves over-hearing the laughter her co-workers have with their clients. it reminds her why she loves this industry. It’s so much more that ‘just hair’.

As a child, Amy always loved the smell of the salon when her mom would take her. The smell of products, the whir of hair dryers, the chatting and bustling of the hair stylists. And how great one feels when they walk out with a fresh hair do!

Amy - hair stylist

"I am currently really loving the bell-curve reviving spray. But the Blow Out Cream is amazing for almost everything, and all my guys (and gals) love the Matte Paste. Inspiramint Shampoo is probably one of my most favorites too. But Restyler Spray, amazing!!! Don’t get me started on the Liquid Green Oil, I'm trying to stick to hair." - Amy 

Inspiramint Shampoo & Conditioner

Learn more about Robert Haas Salon by visiting their website here

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