I-NNOVATOR Spotlight | Chad Keast

Meet Chad our Global I-NNOVATOR & hair stylist. Learn about his favorite I-N products to work with and why he chooses to work with I-N.
I-NNOVATOR Spotlight | Chad Keast

I-NNOVATOR Spotlight | Chad Keast

 In 2011 Chad joined the master stylist team at Horst & Friends Salon, in Minneapolis, MN. 

This position provided Chad an unparalleled experience to work and learn alongside Aveda and Intelligent Nutrients Founder, Horst M. Rechelbacher. 

Chad continues to share the wisdom and education that Horst imparted to him. Chad has educated salons, press/media editors and retail specialists about intelligent nutrients certified organic and environmentally conscious hair care and styling product lines. 

I-N x Chad Keast 

Chad is inspired by his mentor and Intelligent Nutrients founder, Horst Rechelbacher.

"His passion for pioneering/teaching better ways to be in the beauty industry, sharing knowledge and celebrating the journey are unparalleled." - Chad Keast

Chad is motivated by the excitement of always learning and allowing himself to be a beginner with new endeavors.

"The best part of being an I-NNOVATOR for I-N is the ability to share and learn with other passionate people not only in the US but internationally as we all work to celebrate taking care of our clients and lifting each other up.  The new technologies that push boundaries and performance possibilities of clean beauty are so exciting." - Chad Keast 

 Chad's proudest accomplishment is moving to Chicago opening his own salon space.

"Sustaining my salon during a global pandemic has given me even more gratitude for my fiancé Casey and our dog Cata, friends/family members, my MN hair family and hosting salon The Urban Village Salon/Spa and my customers that have helped me keep my space open and encourage me to keep at it." - Chad Keast

Chad's Favorite I-N Haircare Products

Pure Plenty Shampoo

certified organic shampoo pure plenty sustainable clean beauty

"I have fine hair on top of being in Chicago which has some of the hardest water in the country. The formulation gently and efficiently cleanses hard water/mineral build up out and doesn’t strip out moisture."- Chad Keast 

Flex-form Hair Spray

certified organic hair spray flexible hair spray clean beauty

"Delivers awesome texture and hold. I love to spray flex form on my hands and precisely create lift at both the roots and on the ends. It’s a weightless liquid texturizer!" - Chad Keast

Tousled Texture Matte Paste

matte paste haircare certified organic sustainable clean beauty

"Spikes, flips and gives the best separation and hold all day without weight." - Chad Keast

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