I-N Celebrates Pride 2021 with Rudy Miles

Get to know editorial makeup artist, licensed esthetician and educator Rudy Miles as he shares with us a story that is guaranteed to make you smile!

Rudy Miles

I-N Celebrates Pride 2021 with Rudy Miles

Rudy Miles is a diverse makeup artist skilled in the beauty and fashion industries; combining his experiences with business, retail, technical artistry and skin care knowledge.

Rudy began his career in fashion as a print and runway model in Chicago which led to a job assisting new talent in developing their portfolios at John Casablancas/Elite Modeling Agency. He also studied Fashion Merchandising and Marketing at the International Academy of Merchandising and Design.

As makeup team leader at New York’s fashion week, Rudy has created runway looks for designers Zang Toi, Malan Breton, Sherri Hill, Meghan Walsh, Oscar de la Renta, Katie Ermilio, Reem Acra, Perry Ellis, and EDUN. Rudy and his team have also created looks for the Valentino and Dolce & Gabbana boutiques.

Rudy has beautified Mara Brock Akil, Teresa Edwards, Kirstie Alley, Kendall Jenner, Camila Alves, Nana Meriwether, Sela Ward, Paris Hilton, Nicole Hilton, Victoria Gotti and Jill Zarin.  Male grooming includes Darryl “D.M.C.” McDaniels, Matthew McConaughey, Josh Lucas and Cory Stearns.

As an editorial makeup artist, licensed esthetician and educator, Rudy is focused on growing the beautybyrudy™ brand.  Through exceptional education, successful events and customized business strategies, beautybyrudy™ is available to grow your business and your artistry.

Q: What are your first memories about gender or gender identity/roles?

A:  I have MANY but what stands out is in kindergarten when playtime was announced, I would RUN to the toys so I could have first choice of the dolls. The little girls cried and the teacher would take it from me and make me choose a “boy“ toy. (This would come in handy years later but that’s a different tale). The teacher literally pinned a note on my shirt for my mother explaining this crisis.. That’s what teachers did in my day. (70s in Chicago)

My mother tried to explain to me that I had to share the doll with the girls if they also wanted to play with it but I just didn’t understand because at home I played with all kinds of action figures, toys AND dolls that I didn’t have to share.

So, the next day I went to school with a note pinned to my shirt from momma Miles to the teacher. It simply read, “It’s fine. I suggested Rudy should share the dolls.”

So, I learned to share. #hehimhis

I am VERY comfortable in my own skin with a little help from Liquid Green Oil :)