How City Life Impacts the Health Of Your Hair

Our environment affects us more than we realize.

The conversation surrounding pollution typically begins with addressing a poor air quality that impacts our health, namely our upper respiratory system and skin. But, how does pollution affect our tresses?

February 19, 2020

How City Life Affects Your Hair

Our environment affects us more than we realize

The conversation surrounding pollution typically begins with addressing a poor air quality that impacts our health, namely our upper respiratory system and skin. But, how does pollution affect our tresses? 

Pollution And Your Hair

Air pollution stems from car traffic to industry pollution to toxic chemicals used in too many so-called “cleaning” agents to count, not to mention pesticides and the like. Our skin is a living, breathing organ that absorbs what’s around it, including pollution. That means environmental factors such as pollution get into into our scalp, too—and can weaken if not break down the lengths of our hair, which can be porous, too. (If your hair is already damaged, it’s especially porous and vulnerable.) So, it makes perfect sense that our hair health faces the same concerns that the rest of our body does.

Your hair care products may not be helping So, how do you improve your hair while combating the effects of pollution? 

Protect your hair with the right products! Less is more when it comes to hair care products, especially if your hair has been oversaturated or weakened by pollution and toxic chemicals from conventional hair products. To repair and protect your hair, choose your hair products wisely—starting with a shampoo like our PureServe and/or root treatment like our PurePlenty that nourishes the scalp and reinforces your skin’s natural protective barrier. What your hair and scalp need will depend on the day, of course! If you’re running weekend errands and you throw your hair up in a top knot, there’s no need for a multi-step routine - just spritz some of IN’s PureServe Shield on hair and secure with a gentle hair tie, such as a silk scrunchie or spiral hair tie (aka hair coil). Take it easy and know when to take a break Just like the rest of your skin, your scalp needs to breathe, too! Give your hair a break once in awhile. That can mean going product-free every now and then (the more the better) and your scalp—and hair—will thank you. Hair falling out? Don’t panic, just be gentle If you’re seeing more hair in your comb, in the shower, or all over your clothes, pollution may be a culprit: It weakens the hair, making it frail and more susceptible to split ends and breakage. Be gentle with your hair and scalp to avoid breakage, split ends, or even hair falling out.

When it comes to brushing out your hair there are a few simple rules to follow including:

  • Avoid brushing hair while wet, or using a comb or brush specifically designed for wet hair if you can’t resist a post-shower detangling

  • Use the right kind of brush for your hair

  • Avoid brushing from the scalp down—start with the ends so you don’t pull on your hair if you come up against a tangle

Protect your hair from damaging rays

Cover up If you know you’re going to be out and about exposed to more pollution than usual, it never hurts to wear a hat— or better yet, wrap a silk scarf around your head. This is a fail-safe way to keep your locks shielded from pollution, as well as from exposure to the sun’s damaging rays.

Give your mane some hydration! Hydration is vital to wellness, and that includes our hair. Air pollution can dry out our skin, which means it may be the culprit behind a dry or itchy scalp. Replenish your scalp and hair by using hydrating, soothing, organic care hair products to counteract the drying effects of air pollution. To restore and rejuvenate dried-out hair, use hydrating products that strengthen your hair’s hydro-lipid layer such as a leave-in conditioner. Not sure where to start with? Try IN’s Scalp and Strand Serum is another must: it instantly relieves irritation and dryness in one effortlessly easy treatment.


Keep your hair hydrated

Use organic hair care products that combat pollution Pollution is a concern for all city-dwellers, so it’s important to stay on top of it and support your hair with products that nourish your body and counteract the environmental stressors. that tend to strands and tackle dirt, grime, and minuscule mane-busters! Check out pollution protection that supports and shields your hair from environmental damage while improving your hair’s manageability and health. 

Use organic hair care products

Just because the city is where you want to be doesn’t mean your hair has to suffer. A mindful selection of products that suit your individual hair’s needs—and a little extra help wherever needed—will let your hair thrive no matter where you are. Shop all of our hair collections, including our pollution protecting hair care line today!