Holiday Glowing Skin

Our Global I-NNOVATOR Rudy Miles shares with us his skincare secrets for achieving that effortless glow. 

Holiday Glowing Skin

Holiday Glowing Skin

This holiday season we created I-N product bundles of our most loved products to make your shopping experience easy. These products are amazing on their own but better together. Rudy Miles walks us through the benefits of each of our skincare bundles. 



Luminous Glow | Exfoliates, moisturizes and cools for a glow that absolutely rules

Vitalisea Pore Polish is a physical and in some ways a chemical exfoliant. It uses jojoba round beads for the exfoliation. These beads glide across your skin as you exfoliate. 

Rudy uses a technique called "gommage" meaning to erase. Rudy lets our Pore Polish dry on his skin to form a mask for a more intense treatment. This exfoliating preps skin to receive maximum benefits of serums, moisturizers and treatments.

Now that the skin is prepped and ready to receive moisture, Rudy applies our Re:generative Rich Cream. Gardenia plant stem cells actively repair, smooth and firm the skin while glasswort and golden algae diffuse fine lines, replenish the moisture barrier and even tone.

Last but definitely no least, our Re:generative Eye Gel. This product

"This is aloe based, it instantly is cooling, healing and soothing. It feels amazing going on" - Rudy Miles 

True Renewal | Retinol, vitamin c and AHA feed skin needs in every way

"The number one thing everyone should be on is a Vitamin C product. I use Vitamin C as a pre-serum product. I use it before I use anything else." - Rudy Miles 

Our Re:generative Super Power C Serum is a stable vitamin C. It is rich in the plant stem cells that feed the skin with antioxidants that fight free radicals and help to combat oxidative stress that you may have from the environment. It is 2% Vitamin C that is active enough to be effective. 

Our The Fixer AHA Resurfacing Gel is a glycolic acid. It is formaldehyde-free! This is a great chemical exfoliation that acts on fine line, wrinkles, and dark spots. 

"This is an active product! It is a glycolic peel. I recommend using it once a night until you get acclimated to it. It is also an amazing spot treatment for blemishes." - Rudy Miles 

Vitalisea Time Traveler Serum is our plant-based retinol. Retinol works to stimulate underneath skin shedding or skin renewal so that you constantly have new cells coming to the surface. It helps with fine lines, wrinkles and discoloration. 

"I love Intelligent products because they always have an active quality and a nourishing quality." - Rudy Miles 

Green Gold | Luxurious, addictive and skin changing

"If you have nothing else in your repertoire, remember GREEN energy!" - Rudy Miles 

Liquid Green Body Oil is light weight, fast-absorbing, nourishing oils that drench your body’s skin in moisture. Green Coffee Seed and Sesame Seed oils along with Coconut-derived emollients smooth, soften and condition the body’s skin while revitalizing overall appearance.

Liquid Green Oil is super antioxidant food that nourishes the skin while delivering a surge of moisture. Argan and safflower oils provide rich omegas to moisturize and protect the skin’s barrier to leave the skin on your face intensely moisturized with a plump and luminous finish. Improves the look of fine lines, wrinkles, and overall texture.