A Breathe I-N Moment; Defined

A wellness & mindful practice, an invitation to discover our point of difference, the opening to a conversation, a journey celebrating life’s Breathe I-N moments.

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A Breathe I-N Moment; Defined



We believe that a Breathe I-N moment is a:

  • call to action
  • an invitation to experience more
  • a wellbeing and mindfulness practice
  • an intimate connection to who we are at our core here at I-N
  • creates the Infinite loop of aroma that supports your overall health

We want to create uplifting and luxurious Breathe I-N experiences. Aroma moves and changes us on a cellular level by how our brain receives the information and then sends out the emotional response to the body.

All of this is what creates our point of difference at I-N.

What is a breathe I-N moment?

At I-N our aromas are 99% certified organic oils and flavors and are fully listed on the packaging. We don’t hide behind the word “fragrance”. That means what you are smelling is the real deal from the plant, flower, or tree. You are smelling nature in a beautiful blend we’ve created in each product to support your skin, hair, and health.

Certified organic skincare haircare clean beauty essential oil aromas


We choose not to use any synthetic aromas or nature-identical aromas (chemically created). Synthetic aromas are known to have many negative side effects such as asthma, endocrine and hormone disruption. Naturally derived plant essential oils and flavors are molecularly akin to our body and respond in kind.

We believe that our aromas create the conversation around what matters in a green and clean beauty line, and now you can have that conversation and connection with your client.

We believe that our unique blends and focused breath support the health of humans and what science has been showing us:

  • Decrease anxiety, stress, and depression
  • Relieve emotional exhaustion and fatigue
  • Reduce blood pressure
  • Increase the parasympathetic nervous system, including the Vagus nerve, which stimulates a calm and relaxed feeling

Create your own Breathe I-N moments

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When we are stressed or tired, we breathe short, shallow breaths. When we are full of mind and present, we breathe fuller, more expansive breaths. Aroma can bring your mood up or down depending on what you are smelling. We can become fuller of life, and present in the moment.

Try it on by putting a 1⁄2 a pump of the Liquid Green Oil skincare into the palm of your hand. Now, rub your palms together, close your eyes and take a few long expansive breaths to take in the aroma, followed by an exhale of AHH! Open your eyes. How do you feel? How would you describe the aroma?

Having this Breathe I-N experience multiple times throughout our day can leave us feeling more balanced and refreshed overall. Each experience is unique to the person and the state of mind and body they are in.

  • Take a walk-in nature, around trees if you can – a park or garden. Really pause to breathe I-N the earthy, green, sweetness and feel restored and connected to everything.
  • When you spend time in a flower garden, stop and smell not just the roses, but all the flowers. Rub the leaves and smell the earthy, citrus, green of each flower’s essence. Marvel at the intricate beauty.
  • Smile. Smile at your baby. Smile at your significant other and family. Smile at your pet. Smile at the other person crossing the street with you. Smile at your coffee barista. Smile at yourself when you look in the mirror. Breathe I-N LOVE.
  • Upon opening your eyes when you wake, take 5 deep, expansive breaths to wake your entire being up and move the stagnant energy from sleep. Breathe I-N a new day. Repeat at bedtime.
  • When you’ve finished that hard exercise routine or intense run, walk or yoga session, breathe I-N the feeling of accomplishment and feeling good! Breathe that all I-N again!
  • Laughter is the best medicine. Breathe it in when your belly hurts from laughing so hard or you have tears of joy running down your face. Breathe I-N this whole-body healing medicine.