Janice Malmberg

Janice Malmberg

Janice Malmberg

Janice had the privilege to work many years in sales with Aveda Corporation.

In this sales position she worked one on one with salon owners and their team members.

Her main goal was to build their service and retail sales in the salon.  Updating team members on new products and coaching them on how to use on their clients.  Products will enhance a guest experience and create that loyalty.

Janice is a licensed cosmetologist in the state of Illinois.  Even though she does not work behind the chair, she is able to connect with her fellow cosmetologist on what is happening in the beauty industry. 

Her main passion though is education and coaching team members.  The excitement of meeting with the team and they share stories on how they were able to reach and exceed their goals. 

Always looking for that WOW moment that it all clicks and taking what they learn and sharing with their team members and with their clients.   

Janice is excited to share with you her knowledge of I-N Beauty and how you will be able to feel very confident in recommending these products to your clients and on yourself.  

Instagram: @malmbergjanice