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    June 21, 2016


    INbassador Series: Andrea Becker

    Hair stylist, massage and reiki therapist Andrea Becker joins our INbassador series featuring advocates in our shared mission of sustainable health & beauty.

    Favorite relaxation technique

    Walking my dog, Elvis.

    My essential oil is


    Best part of getting older

    Better understanding the importance of accepting and allowing.

    Favorite Horstism

    “Everything we put on our bodies must be nutritious and safe.”

    Current beauty regimen

    Everything essential oil!

    Favorite hair trend

    Balayage and waves

    I feel most beautiful when

    I am well hydrated and relaxed.

    Next big adventure

    Vortex hiking in AZ

    Latest obsession


    Your beauty icon or hero

    My grandmother, Cecilia

    Words to live by

    Be where you are

    My best love advice

    Tell yourself, I love you.

    My best work advice

    Do what fills your heart space with love

    My best family advice

    Appreciate each other unconditionally

    What’s on your bedside table

    A course in miracles Dr. Helen Schucman

    Favorite place in the world

    Everywhere I’ve not yet been and can’t wait to travel to!

    If you had one super power what would it be

    Time travel

    Your morning ritual

    Stretching, journaling and tea

    Biggest advice

    Some scientists say 32 Suns are born every second. Be open to possibility.

    Your best teacher

    Life lessons

    Favorite workout


    What’s cooking?

    Curry everything

    Current mantra

    I am love I am

    Meditation to me is

    A reset button

    My creative outlet

    Painting and drawing

    My sign

    Cusp- Gemini/Cancer

    My uniform

    Whatever feels good that day topped with crystals and gems.

    Top 3 reasons you love what you do

    I love helping people discover their inner and outer beauty. I love empowering others. I love creating.

    Why is IN important to you

    I am passionate about helping people find healthier ways to safely and organically, pamper and nurture themselves body mind and soul, IN is a haven to educate.

    What is the future of the beauty industry?

    I think we are all looking for a way to get back to the basics, less is more. Educating ourselves to be savvy shoppers is the way of the future in what has become a very misleading world of ingredients.

    What are your hopes for the beauty industry

    I hope we can bring integrity back into our products. Money and ego has driven out what is important. What we put on our bodies should heal, not produce disease.

    Best part of being a part of IN?

    Participating in Horst’s crusade to bring beauty back to nature.

    What are your biggest hopes for IN?

    I hope IN is able to honorably fulfill Horst’s crusade.



    Five Questions for Nicole Rechelbacher, IN Co-Owner

    We caught up with our fearless leader & daughter of Horst Rechelbacher, founder of Intelligent Nutrients and Aveda.

    Q: How was your childhood different from others?
    A: How wasn’t it? My friends thought my dad looked like John Lennon. He was flying all over the world, cooking clove shampoo in our sink, inviting Tibetan monks and Native elders over, and telling us to eat organic instead of OREOS. We didn’t have a picket fence, we had a mandala.

    Q: How did growing with an entrepreneur change your worldview?
    A: Creativity was a way of life for us—but so was hustle. I was cutting hair in high school. I was schlepping to shows and assisting him onstage. I was doing makeup backstage at hair shows and photo shoots. All while my friends were working jobs as lifeguards or retail.

    Dad was never impressed by who people said they were. He was impressed by what you did. And that instilled a big work ethic in me.

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