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July 16, 2015

Did You Know?

How to Condition Hair for Summer

It’s all really, really good summertime fun, but chlorine and hot wind aren’t in the running to be your hair’s besties. Even if you’re rocking a relatively low-key summer, humidity can put your frizz on mega-blast, leaving you feeling like your strands have spiraled way out of control. You don’t need to abandon the pool or curse the humidity too much (although, let’s be honest, it deserves a little karmic retribution). Just follow our roadmap to summer hair hydration and your mane will be back to Beyoncé goddess-level in no time.

PureLuxe Shampoo & Conditioner­ – Use this extra-hydrating (vegan and gluten free!) set to help repair, soften and nourish parched hair. Perfect for everyday use on super dry hair or once a week on more normal strands for a boost in hydration. Free of sulfates, silicones and other mystery ingredients that can actually lead to dry and damaged hair.

Leave-in Conditioner – Spritz on fine to medium hair to control frizz, protect from hot styling tools and add a healthy, gorgeous shine. Also works great as a finishing spray for extra-dry hair and is certified organic. 

Spray-on Detangler – Our certified organic detangler tames unruly locks and out-of-control tangles. Use poolside or on-the-go to protect from breakage, sun damage and dehydration.

Destress Express Hair and Body Oil – This highly moisturizing treatment oil nourishes hair, scalp and even your body. You can apply 1-3 pumps of the certified organic oil to the ends of your hair 5 minutes before washing for an intensely hydrating treatment and a dryness shield. Bonus: Add one pump to any styling product to boost hydration for curly hair.