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September 24, 2014


"Do you have a toxin-free keratin or straightening product?"


Straight talk: there is no toxin-free way to keratin treat your hair yet.
Here’s the next best thing to get smooth, silky hair – naturally:

Wash with with PureLuxeSmoothing tip: Before you bust out the blow dryer, pat wet hair to remove extra moisture, instead of a rough towel dry, which can cause hair to frizz up.

Apply a cocktail of our smooth operators from mid-length to ends:
1 pump Leave-In Conditioner  + 1 pea-size Straight Hair Serum

Blow-dry smooth. Our Infa-Red Hair Dryer decreases drying time and dries hair from the inside out, to boost shine and manageability.

Brush sleek,
the tufted bristle design of the Eco-Sleek Paddle Brush is perfect for assisting in a smooth, straight finish. Optional: Run a flat iron through, to seal the deal.

Et voila. Formaldehyde-free, frizz-free style.



Five Questions for Nicole Rechelbacher, IN Co-Owner

We caught up with our fearless leader & daughter of Horst Rechelbacher, founder of Intelligent Nutrients and Aveda.

Q: How was your childhood different from others?
A: How wasn’t it? My friends thought my dad looked like John Lennon. He was flying all over the world, cooking clove shampoo in our sink, inviting Tibetan monks and Native elders over, and telling us to eat organic instead of OREOS. We didn’t have a picket fence, we had a mandala.

Q: How did growing with an entrepreneur change your worldview?
A: Creativity was a way of life for us—but so was hustle. I was cutting hair in high school. I was schlepping to shows and assisting him onstage. I was doing makeup backstage at hair shows and photo shoots. All while my friends were working jobs as lifeguards or retail.

Dad was never impressed by who people said they were. He was impressed by what you did. And that instilled a big work ethic in me.

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