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    October 28, 2015


    5 Healthy and Delicious Halloween Party Snacks

    It can be challenging this time of year to avoid eating
    handfuls of sugary, bite-sized, processed candy during Halloween. If you’re
    like us and crave sweets and snacks with a healthy kick for your parties, these 5 healthy Halloween
    snacks will definitely lighten the sugar load without sacrificing yumminess.
    Pro-tip: Mix Intellimune into dips and spreads for an added nutrient boost, and use organic ingredients when you can!

    1. Frankenstein Veggie Platter

     You’ll need:

    Snap peas




    Directions: Arrange like the photo and enjoy! 

    2. Puking Monster Melon

    You’ll need:

    1 watermelon

    1 lb of strawberries

    1 pineapple

    1 cucumber

    1 small box of blueberries

    2 toothpicks


    Cut watermelon in half length-wise and remove the fruit.
    Take one half of the watermelon and cut a hole for a mouth. Put the two
    watermelon halves back together, then cut the bottom so the watermelon can
    stand upright. Chop up strawberries, pineapple and watermelon and arrange them
    falling out of the mouth. Then take two cucumber slices and two blueberries to
    create the eyes. Use toothpicks to secure the eyes onto the watermelon.

    3. Jack o’lantern pitas

    You’ll Need:

    Pita bread (one per jack o’ lantern)

    Hummus spread

    Toppings: cheese, olives, mushrooms, cucumber, carrots or
    any veggies you love

    Read more here

    4. Lose Your Teeth Bobbing for Apples

    You’ll need:


    Slivered almonds

    Peanut butter mixed with a spoonful of Intellimune

    Read more here

    5. Fingers in a Bowl

    You’ll Need:

    Veggie Dip

    5 baby carrots (with more on the side for dipping)

    slivered almonds


    Directions: Put the veggie dip in a bowl. Mix in 1 Tb of
    Intellimune. Take the carrots and stick slivered almond “fingernails” on the
    carrots using dip to keep them in place.



    Five Questions for Nicole Rechelbacher, IN Co-Owner

    We caught up with our fearless leader & daughter of Horst Rechelbacher, founder of Intelligent Nutrients and Aveda.

    Q: How was your childhood different from others?
    A: How wasn’t it? My friends thought my dad looked like John Lennon. He was flying all over the world, cooking clove shampoo in our sink, inviting Tibetan monks and Native elders over, and telling us to eat organic instead of OREOS. We didn’t have a picket fence, we had a mandala.

    Q: How did growing with an entrepreneur change your worldview?
    A: Creativity was a way of life for us—but so was hustle. I was cutting hair in high school. I was schlepping to shows and assisting him onstage. I was doing makeup backstage at hair shows and photo shoots. All while my friends were working jobs as lifeguards or retail.

    Dad was never impressed by who people said they were. He was impressed by what you did. And that instilled a big work ethic in me.

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