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    January 26, 2016

    Did You Know?

    1 Ingredient to Avoid in Your Beauty Routine

    They’re lightweight, cheap to make, a byproduct of gasoline
    production AND featured in thousands of beauty products (except ours).  

    But wait–what are Mineral oils actually doing in mainstream beauty? They make an appearance in
    personal care products for lots of reasons–mainly makeup removal, moisturizing
    and skin barrier protection. But you can also find them doing double duty in baby
    oil, non-stick coating on pans, laxatives and that jar of petroleum jelly from
    the 80s your grandma refuses to get rid of.

    Opposed to popular myths, mineral oils can actually act as a
    sort of plastic wrap that doesn’t let your skin breathe–nor does it feed your
    skin necessary nutrients needed to keep it healthy and thriving as the biggest
    organ on your body.

    According to the Environmental
    Working Group
    , some forms of mineral oil can even potentially be toxic,
    carcinogenic, disrupt hormones and other stuff you definitely don’t want
    happening to you via your daily beauty routine. Pro Tip: check their database
    to see the toxicity of your beauty products in general.

    That’s why we’ve never used a petroleum-based ingredient in
    our formulations. Ever.  Our
    plant-powered alternatives:

    Organic Safflower Oil and Intellimune Oil for makeup removal
    in our Renewing
    Oil Serum

    Organic Coconut Oil, Glycerin, Lecithin, Intellimune Oil and
    Shea Butter for moisturizing in our ONEBODY
    , Restorative
    Moisture Emulsion
    and Revitalizing
    Moisture Crème

    Beeswax for skin barrier protection in our Lip
    Delivery Nutrition

    Don’t forget to share this post with your friends and fam to spread the word
    about mineral oils and our virtually *magical* alternatives that work wonders and
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    exciting news, updates and of course #tbts.



    Five Questions for Nicole Rechelbacher, IN Co-Owner

    We caught up with our fearless leader & daughter of Horst Rechelbacher, founder of Intelligent Nutrients and Aveda.

    Q: How was your childhood different from others?
    A: How wasn’t it? My friends thought my dad looked like John Lennon. He was flying all over the world, cooking clove shampoo in our sink, inviting Tibetan monks and Native elders over, and telling us to eat organic instead of OREOS. We didn’t have a picket fence, we had a mandala.

    Q: How did growing with an entrepreneur change your worldview?
    A: Creativity was a way of life for us—but so was hustle. I was cutting hair in high school. I was schlepping to shows and assisting him onstage. I was doing makeup backstage at hair shows and photo shoots. All while my friends were working jobs as lifeguards or retail.

    Dad was never impressed by who people said they were. He was impressed by what you did. And that instilled a big work ethic in me.

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