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We’re never done.

“Everything we put on and in our bodies must be nutritious and safe.”

Our founder Horst Rechelbacher started Intelligent Nutrients with this mantra and a mandate to use USDA-certified organic and food-grade ingredients. We haven’t stopped yet in the quest to deliver the best products on the planet — and for it. By investing in science, technology, new processes and independent farmers, we can all go the next 10,000 miles.

Science = performance

Plant Stem Cells
Cultivated in labs, this non-GMO plant science delivers exponential antioxidant levels and clinical results with far less impact than conventional farming. Each harvested kilo saves 1,000 gallons of water. Learn more >

Better Technology, Better Products
We’ve reformulated fan-favorite PureLuxe™ which now boasts clinically-proven results like 29% stronger hair in 5 days. We’re not the bragging-type, but only a few years ago this would be something unimaginable using only plant-based ingredients.

Pesticides are Poison
Now you can buy “natural” or “organic” at any price point, anywhere. And it takes only a few drops to put those words on labels. Many plant-based products still use pesticides, incesticides, fungicides — which are poison by definition. They are definitively linked to cancers, illnesses and more systemic issues like the death of bee populations. Conventional plant ingredients are still part of the problem. To us, you can’t support health and unrestricted use of these substances. It’s just science — and we get certified so you know you’re getting none-of-the-above with IN.

The Science of Certification Impact matters to us. We test for clinical beauty results. And we have a full-time person dedicated to ensuring IN ingredients and products are as safe and pure as we say they are.

Your IN purchase allows for the development of new, high-performance, plant-based products that often surpass the toxic synthetic alternatives. You’re getting the most potent, purest ingredients possible, which is pretty obvious the first time you apply Renewing Oil Serum and smell the “OMG-this-is-amazing.”

But above all, you’re making a low-impact, more sustainable choice because you know your health, your family’s health, and our planet’s health are worth the investment. Thank you.

Everything is connected.
That’s the beauty of it.

*Based on lab and clinical studies. Results may vary.


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