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We are women-owned, family-run and here from the beginning.

Our founder Horst Rechelbacher was called the “father of safe cosmetics.” He started and built AVEDA from the ground up, introducing the idea of natural and safe to the entire industry well before green was anything but a color. When Horst decided to take personal care beyond “natural” and into effective and certified organic, Intelligent Nutrients was born.

And our co-owner & co-president team was right there with him. Kiran was instrumental at both Aveda and IN as creative director and Horst’s partner. Nicole literally grew up in the business as Horst’s daughter, hanging out in the salons and mixing oils with her dad.

IN has always been a labor of love. Love for the planet, the industry, the unique power and pleasures that beauty can bring. Love for how beauty makes us stronger and even brings us together. We’re continuing to fight for the very best products on earth — and for it. Our vision was ahead of the technology, but with perseverance, technology is catching up.

horst family

And the good fight has changed.

  • Products come and go, but we only have one body and one planet. We all have to live here.
  • Natural is a very big business, but the environment is an ever smaller part of the conversation.
  • The industry is still unregulated.
  • Listing ingredients and safety testing is still optional. (Not with us.)
  • Petrochemicals, plastics, the chemicals found in antifreeze are still being used in products, even “natural” products.
  • Speed and profits are still chosen over people, animals and the planet. We choose what to buy - nature cannot.
  • Rollbacks to environmental and animal protections can and will harm all of us.

In today’s climate, these conversations are more important than ever.

Since day one, we have been committed to making the very best certified organic and certifiably incredible products on Earth. On anybody. Non-toxic, biocompatible products that often outperform synthetic competitors.

We are lovers of life, truth, beauty and joy. And fighters for your health and this planet.

Nobody’s perfect. We are all just doing the best we can until we can do better.

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