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HR 861 Terminate the Environmental Protection Agency

Yes. This is a real bill. This is what it’s called.

Many corners of the internet are saying, don’t worry, it can’t pass. But even if it can’t pass, it can weaken. Bill by bill, soundbite by soundbite, actions that will devastate our environment and literally make us sick will be normalized. Safety will chip away. We’ll all suffer.

Groups like the AARP — hardly a voice for radical environmentalism — are speaking out.

Here's What You Can Do :

Take Action: Email
Thanks to the Sierra Club for making this easy.

Take Action: Call
We’ve all heard phone calls and postcards are most effective. Type in your address here and link directly to your rep’s office numbers.
This links to their social profiles, too:

Learn more:
This piece details the actions taken outside this bill you might want to know about: