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Anti-Static Travel Pro Styler

  • Anti-Static Travel Pro Styler Anti-Static Travel Pro Styler
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Lift, volumize and shape; this brush is engineered for styling on the go.

  • Ideal for travel and brushing out roller-set hair.
  • The ball-tipped design is absolutely stress-free. Narrow cushion helps shape and bend hair without tangling, snagging or otherwise interfering.

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Directions for use:

  • When brushing your hair out: start at your ends, working your way to the roots.
  • Give yourself an invigorating scalp massage. This will also help stimulate the hair follicles and remove any build up for stronger, healthier hair.

Did you know?

Caring for your brush will extend the longevity. Your hair tools gather dust, dirt, and residue from hairstyling products, such as gels, mousses, and hair pomades used daily.

On a weekly basis soak your tools in warm water and a bit of shampoo or white vinegar, which will remove oily deposits and other build up. Rinse, squeeze excess water from cushion and pat dry.

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